You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think (book)

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You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think: Answers to Questions from Angry Skeptics is a 2009 book by Christian apologist Ray Comfort.

Critical Review

In this book, Ray shows a complete misunderstanding or wants to convey an untruthful understanding of Atheism and evolution. He obviously lacks a fact checker as no one eve attempts to keep him honest.


Ray likes to compare being an atheist to that of a person playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded firearm. "To be an atheist is to play Russian roulette with all the barrels loaded." This is a faulty analogy for a few reasons. Least important is that Russian roulette is played with a revolver with one loaded chamber not a loaded barrel. It is only russian roulette IF Ray is correct and HIS god is the one that exists.

He says that a person's conscience doesn't speak to point out the wrong tie /shirt color, but this is false. This voice is the same voice that you hear when you are told something is wrong. It is your conscience. He asks where the conscience comes from and implies that it can only come from god, but the conscience is 100% consistent with evolution. Animals have morals to a degree. This is why you only see animals killing others in their own social group under certain circumstances. He then claims that all civilizations know that it is wrong to lie, kill, and steal. This is demonstrably false. Many civilizations thought human sacrifice was acceptable. Others were built on theft and murder (see Hannibal and other tyrants.) He also says every human has a god given conscience, but this is also demonstrably false. The sociopath does not have a conscience. Did god screw him on purpose?

Ray also claims that the scripture is unchanged through the centuries. This is also demonstrably false. Several parts of John are forgeries. Meanings and interpretations were deliberalty changed over the centuries by scribes. The Dead Sea scrolls prove this. They contain many fragments of the bible and show that the bible has changed quite a bit from translations and copies of copies of copies. There are dozens of translations. The KJV has been modified no less than 19 times over the last few centuries. There is no original version of the scriptures to compare the bible to.

Ray refuses to acknowledge that the bible claims the world is flat and circular.

Ray says that christians never lie in testimony. This is demonstrably false as will be proven later. He also claims that judges lend most credence to eyewitness testimony and do not like flowery speeches. This is also untrue. Eyewitness testimony is the least credible of all forms of evidence. This video is a great example of how eye witness testimony should be evaluated. Ray's assertion that christians do not like is false. There are many who believe that lying for jesus is acceptable.

He also claims that jesus claimed to be god in human form. This is not completely accurate. Jesus never said so in so many words, but may people infer that he made that claim from several passages in the gospels.

In addition, Ray's claims also beg the question of the actual existence of jesus. It can be argued that the jesus of the bible never existed. There are no contemporary documents containing his name of the names of his followers. Several documents written later are proven forgeries (Josephus, the gospel of John, etc.)

Chapter 1

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