What about all the good things religion has given us?

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What are the good things?

 Religion feeds the poor, treats the sick, educates children, consoles the weary, etc.

Are there any good things that secular elements of society do not also give?

 None.  There is not one good thing that religion does that is special in any way.

Who is us?

 Anyone near a church, but presumably people with a good standard of living to be thankful for.

What is wrong with this:

What are the good things? --- Those good things have bad side effects.

 Religion feeds the poor but why are the poor so poor?  And why is the Vatican covered in gold leaf?  Could it be that the church offers an avenue for leaching resources out of the developing world in return for a share of those resources?  A telling fact is that the colonizing powers received charters from the church and/or turned to the church for mediation over disputed colonies.
 Religion treats the sick, unless you are gay, or use condoms, or want an abortion.
 Religion educates children, without any modern teachings from biology, astronomy, philosophy, etc.
 The intangible services that religion provides like grief counseling are usually second rate to a real professional and sometimes dangerously inaccurate: Is battery a cause for divorce?  The church would say no sometimes.  Should I mourn my suicided spouse?  The church would say no sometimes. 

Are there any good things that secular elements of society do not also give? --- Why aren't there any? Why isn't the church dirt poor as the world's largest not for profit charity organizer?

Who is us? --- Is it anyone poor?

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