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I see you added a "{{who}}" tag to Sermon on the Mount (and created the template). I have reverted your edit and deleted the template, mainly because your implementation of it left a lot to be desired (simply linking to Wikipedia's policy about weasel words is not a good way to go, since we don't actually follow all of Wikipedia's policies here). Also, your edit summary of "say who or avoid weasel words, ha!" didn't exactly give the impression that the edit was made in "good faith" (no pun intended). While this wiki could probably stand a "weasel words" policy, this should probably be discussed in the Discussion Forums before such a template is (re-)created. The fact that we don't have a <ref>-sytle citation system here makes it problematic to start asking for references everywhere. (I hope we can get a 'ref' upgrade soon, then we can revisit the issue.) - dcljr 18:03, 2 November 2008 (CST)

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