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Greetings. I have two bits of constructive criticism for you.

1) You keep marking major edits as "minor". Minor edits are typically for typo corrections.. or other edits that don't significantly change the content/meaning of the change.

2) You keep name-dropping "Dr. Steven Hunt of Gordon College" in almost every article you modify. In the last article you modified, at the end of the paragraph, you wrote ". Many scholars, such as Dr. Steven Hunt of Gordon College, hold this view.". It's one thing to reference some content someone else wrote, or state that a person is the author of some cited chunk of information.. but the way you dropped it in this one was a form of Argument from authority. It doesn't matter if Dr. Steven Hunt of Gordon College agrees with a particular position. So in short, it's not necessary to point out which points Dr. Steven Hunt of Gordon College agrees with, or not.


--jt 13:11, 3 May 2011 (CDT)

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