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I've redirected the page you created called 50 razones para creer en Dios back to 50 reasons to believe in God because it was only a really old version of the original article still completely in English. If you want to attempt any more Spanish translations of articles, please feel free to do so; we don't have anything against translations here (as far as I know). But you might consider starting such articles in your "user space" first (that is, on a subpage of your personal user page — for example, User:Eclectic/50 razones para creer en Dios). That way, the article you're working on won't be subject to the same "administrative scrutiny" as other articles in the "main namespace" (i.e., subject to removal if it simply doesn't seem useful to the project in its current form). Please don't take my removal/redirecting of your article personally, or as evidence that we don't value your contributions... - dcljr 04:05, 21 November 2011 (CST)

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