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Please remember to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~). - dcljr 03:47, 26 August 2006 (MST)

Welcome! I'll be busy with the NP show today, but I wanted to get a quick response in. I looked over the issues in your sandbox and it's nice to have someone who knows about wikis, I've been learning as we go along. With regard to the redlinks issues: some of them I wasn't aware of, and some I intentionally avoided editing (like help) until I knew exactly what I wanted to include. Feel free to edit those pages as you like and, as time permits, I'll focus on them too.
Some answers to questions in your "Other Issues" section:
  • Is there an interwiki map here?
    • No. I had actually just started reading about this the other day. It's definitely on the "to do" list, though there are only a handful of wikis that I'd bother including here.
  • Why are sig timestamps in MST when server time is UTC according to Preferences?
    • I have no clue. I'll dig around a bit.
  • Why using [[internal links]] to bolden title words in first sentences of articles (see, e.g., Counter-apologetics) instead of '''triple-apostrophes'''?
    • Because we saw it done that way...and didn't check the manual of style. :) This should be probably be changed, though I'm curious whether or not it's a better solution.
  • Search for "fubar" results in following statement (provided by MediaWiki:Nogomatch): There is no page titled ":fubar". (note placement of colon)
    • I'll look into this one too, I'm pretty sure that it's due to changes we attempted to make when setting up the wiki. Essentially, I wanted the URL to display as Sean ran into some problems with, I think, the Apache rewrite...I just haven't focused on changing it.
As for the other items, feel free to change them, and anything else you find wrong. If the reason for the change is unclear or if you feel there's a gross conceptual error that should be avoided, perhaps you could add them to a list in the Help section, or something. In any case, I'm off to get things ready for the show, thanks for contributing! - Sans Deity 09:06, 26 August 2006 (MST)
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