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Nationality: Lebanese

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Religious beliefs: None. Former Muslim. Atheist.

Political support: The Lebanese Resistance, Hezbollah (yes, weird). I don't support all their views but their overall objectives are impressive.

Deconversion: I was born into a muslim family, but I always felt out of place in religion. I was different. I really never believed in God but I, as Dennet says, 'believed in belief'.

Views on: Judaism: Horrible religion, violent, fundamentalist.

Christianity: Ridiculous religion, bible is laughable.

Islam: muslims are hypocritical and deceiving liars. horrible religion, violent. not a universal religion.

God: boycott him.

Ambitions: medicine (what the hell, maybe some philosophy courses). most of my family (and lebanese people in general) are doctors, lawyers, and architects.

Favorite philosophers and scientists: Nietzche, Hume, Bertrand Russell, Darwin, Hawking, Sagan, Atkins, Dawkins, Dennett...

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