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About Atheism quotes collected by 'twsh' over the years. I figure if you want to know anything about me, you have too much time on your hands and certainly would better spend that time being highly entertained.

"(It's called a bombing "campaign") Because there are a number of bombings over an extended period of time, presumably intended to change public opinion for a political end. It's like an election campaign, but by more humane means." -RH3

"(shrug) I just don't understand all this arguing about what color, mass and composition of the elephant's dandruff is when there's NO FREAKING ELEPHANT." -chip

"[Bush] is a living example of the Confucian principle that there cannot be moral order when there is intellectual disorder." -RH3

"A deity who wanted to be believed in would try to either make itself intelligible or improve our powers of understanding until we were capable of proving it. If it cannot do either, it is perhaps not a deity worthy of our attention." -RH3

"A good Christian should always strive to emulate Christ. I do my best to help, but I'm having trouble finding sufficient quantities of lumber". -MrBehemoth

"A person ought to be scared, very scared, of any frame of thought that says evidence is irrelevant." -DougofCal

"A rude person might suggest that there are no factual errors in the Bible because it contains no facts. Naturally, I wouldn't say any such thing." -RH3

"According to many religions, gay sex and gay relationships are immoral, yet banning them doesn't seem to yield any net positive result for the religious people who defined them as immoral." -Keepwe

"Actually ALL faith is nothing more than a blind leap. It's not built upon knowledge; it's an attempt to leap over the areas that logic prevents you from traversing; faith is the circumvention of logic." -chip

"Actually, I don't think it has that much to do with intelligence. More with education. Many atheists are former believers. They didn't get smarter, they got less ignorant." -Icky

"Ah, You must be a christian: You can't write, you can't think, and you don't know when to shut up. :)" -chip

"Alas, the obvious does not take root in the minds of the oblivious." -AtheistKeith

"All in all, I don't think it matters a lot what the ultimate source of "our morality" is. I do think that for society to function smoothly and fairly it should be at least conditionally accepted that we humans are the source of their legitimacy." -Citizen12

"All medicines have their side effects and these can include unleashing the forces of darkness upon an unsuspecting world. But nevertheless, I think you ought to see your doctor about a prescription." -Mo

"All the superstitious drivel I was addicted to like gods, pyramid power, ESP, astrology, and the list goes on, just cheapens existence. How much more fantastic is the world revealed by science than the one explained by some tales of magic." -Flux

"All too often our leaders don't represent the majority of the people they govern and, sadly, all too often they do." -Rev.Conor

"American Christians often fail to realize that their political and social opinions may be more shaped by their American culture than by their Christianity." -AR Cline

"And his sin was gaining knowledge of good and evil. You know, morals? That thing you claim atheists don't have? So if we have no knowledge of good and evil, we atheists are without Original Sin. So we don't need your preaching. We're pure! You're the sinner! Go away." -Mrreindeer

"And if you are going to drive over a bridge would you rather drive over one which was designed according to tested engineering principles or one which was designed according to faith in god's ability to "bear you up"? Faith without evidence is immoral because it is criminally negligent." -gclason

"And the lesson we should all take away from these incidents is: Nature is always trying to kill us, especially those with psychological issues and intellectual challenges." -MrReindeer

"And when I noticed that they were advertising toilet paper as containing vitamin E, after a few minutes breathing into a paper bag, I came to the conclusion that perhaps the Unabomber had a point." -Fluffy666

"And you also well know that non-believers can care very deeply about religion just as a person with no interest in baseball can care very deeply about a person beating him with a baseball bat." -Icky

"And, by the way, I haven't "chosen to ignore" the one who leads you... I believe it (Jesus, your god, whoever it is you follow) never existed. If I had to bother ignoring everything that does not, and has never existed, I'd be too damn busy to do anything else." -logicalsoul

"Any being that wipes out a large portion of the human population is an enemy of humankind, and anyone who bows to It is a traitor of the worst kind." -DarkAngel

"Any brain that believes in intelligent design is evidence of the failure of the hypothesis." -Mo

"Any knowledge or lack of same about gods feeds into my agnosticism. A sufficient amount of knowledge wouldn't change my atheism into theism, it'd render the whole concept of atheism (and theism) meaningless." - RevDave

"Any positives claimed for religions are simply due to the limits that religion has placed on people's ability to conceive of and embrace realistic approaches to accomplish the same things." -lahatte

"Anyone remember The Professionals? Late 70s/early 80s, Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw as Bodie and Doyle, some sort of special branch of the police, fighting terrorists and the like? Every so often I have to remind myself I'm watching the news." -RevDave

"Apparently it's necessary to remind you that you've already demonstrated to me that you are not worth the miniscule effort it takes to rebut your pointless statements." -chip

"Are atheists smarter? I'm not sure, but I DO know that the black ones have better rhythm, the Hispanic ones have more kids, and the Asian ones are better at Math." -Crosshatch

"As a surmise, is your voice contralto? I happen to have gathered some negative stereotypes from various soprani of my acquaintance concerning contralti (of which imputed maleness is unfortunately one.)" -Mick(Canaris1)

"As an ex-Republican and ex-theist, I can, when pressed, justify virtually any belief or statement of mine, while denigrating anything that contradicts me, as long as we don't make reality too much of an issue." -FrankDK

"As for people who don't want to hear "Darwin" or "evolution", Well, boohoo, tough luck. When I'm sitting in a plane I don't wanna hear "Newton" or "gravity" either, but that doesn't make me think that the laws of gravity can be ignored. Reality is what it is, not what you think it should be." -Seeker

"As noted, some of us prefer to try to understand and recognize reality as opposed to escaping it. Regardless, if you're going to define 'a crutch' as anything which makes life easier or helps get one through life, then you're going to have to include love, companionship, food, shelter - damn near everything - as a 'crutch'." -chip

"As usual, Coulter is talking out of her adam's apple. Although I must say I do find her strangely sexy, in a liberated concentration camp sort of way." -Icky

"Atheists have imaginations too. They just don't misinterpret emotional feelings as communication with a god." -lahatte

"Atheists often claim to know the bible better than theists, and some of us who came out of the dungeons of christ do know it better; however, every atheist who wants to discredit the bible has to know what the literature is and why it is nonsense. This collection of literature is the guiding "light" for millions of people who vote and create policy for all of us." -apostateofthelord

"Athests are not annoyed, we're just foresaken." -ptcarnahan

"Auto labeling forum bot 2000 Gold edition: This post has been given the following labels: Rambling, wrong, run on paragraphs, hard to read, waste of time, silly. Please rate the above labels to further increase the correctness of the Auto Labeling Forum Bot 2000, Gold edition." -MaxHarper

"Bah. Christians. Who needs insults and swearwords when you have such an insulting word as "Christian". -Grahor

"Bathroom walls were sort of like primitive internet forums." -Letxbex

"Being a skeptic in a group of believers is like being a designated driver." -NOGODHERE

"Best argument for atheism: the lack of argument for theism." -RationalSerenity

"Black and white, yep that describes atheists in general on one point. No God! After that color creeps into everything." -dlove5duke

"Blatant Sarcasm Police? Well, they won't have much to do around here..." -KateHost

"BTW, we are born equal and we all go back to being equal 6 feet under. Some of us take the time in between to elevate ourselves, and others prefer to remain mired in mindless superstitions." -DarkAngel

"But just think about this: wouldn't a person who doesn't expect a reward at the end or fear eternal punishment and who acts ethically and with honesty and compassion, anyway, (a righteous atheist) be morally superior to a god-fearing ass-kisser?" -Crosshatch

"But later I'm gonna be a minister/engineer that's gonna challege all these theories and make evolution look stupid. Count on it." -hydro

"But look at it this way: it wouldn't be evidence of the supernatural, just evidence that what we thought was impossible, isn't. Like the invention of the aeroplane showing that the impossibility of heavier-than-air flight was not actually an impossibility. If magic existed, it wouldn't contradict any natural laws because it would be part of them. It would be another natural force like gravity." -mrbehemoth

"But we don't have to concern ourselves with gods a great deal as they don't seem to be around and they don't seem necessary to get through the day." -pgobrien

"But you are the nation which invented Vegemite, and no one can ever take that away from you lot, nor would they wish to." -Ibn Tumart

"But “You didn’t have faith” is leveled as an accusation. As if not believing everything one is told without requiring evidence were somehow a moral failing. It isn’t. If anything, the reverse is true. It is symptomatic of a lack of interest in truth to be faced with evidence against a belief one holds and to ignore that evidence in order to hold onto the belief."-SusannahHB

"Can you at least TRY to put yourself in my shoes? Can you at least TRY to conjure up a smidgen of empathy, to understand how incredibly stupid and demanding of mockery this belief is?" - chip

"Christians ignore the fact that lukewarm adherents greatly outnumber the fervid ones; that adherents do not practice the tenets of their belief, and that the mainstream churches are all but dead now." -Prismatic

"Common sense isn't very useful, really. First of all, it's basically saying "Well, it just makes sense, I don't need to use logic or such". Only those that can't support their arguments claim common sense." -MaxHarper

"Complaining that your right to infringe on other's rights is being infringed upon is laughable -- you have no such right, and your belief that you do is immaterial."-Flux

"Courtesy? Courtesy is holding a door for someone. It's not catering to someone's silly little fantasy world." -Starriver6

"Cowboy Dubya. CHopper pilot Dubya. General Dubya. Churchy Dubya. Drooling idiot Dubya. Collect the whole set." -DeadWombat

"Cynic: noun. Term used by fools to describe realists." -DarkAngel

"Damn, Charlton Heston is a bad actor. You forget how bad until the guy in the plastic monkey mask out-acts him." -DeadWombat

"Death and destruction are the meat and potatoes for any good Christian meal. Especially when it comes in Biblical proportions." -meow

"Discrimination against women and gays, I think, is something many religions, including Catholicism, stand guilty of. And the people within those religions shouldn't get accepted as good and decent people just because they are sincere in the abhorrent views they hold." - mrbehemoth

"Do you have any idea of the close resemblance your posts bear to a poorly translated instruction manual for a Japanese clock radio?" -mrbehemoth

"Doesn't matter how fast you become cynical, you can never really keep up with as cynical as you need to be." -Tatarize

"Doesn't that sound noble and lofty? It's like a country song that makes people cry, but when you look at the words objectively, it's just a string of idiotic babbling." -apostateofthelord

"Don't never not let comprehensive writing in sentences make sense stop you! Because you writer. Not need check writing before posting. Just words that other people read, how dare they expect clear words in row without hiccups?!" -MrBunny2

"Doubt is not a weakness. Doubt is a strength because, without it, we can never find any truths. All we find is other peoples' dogma." -Mo

"Everybody disagreeing with me all of a sudden. And here I was starting to think this was just a godless 'yes' factory." -Tatarize

"EVERYONE uses the Lord's name "in vain" - no matter how much you say it, he just ain't there." -Meow

"Everything is amazing to idiots. I'm starting to quickly stop caring what folks think is God. That whole, "Just give me proof and I'll look at it" thing we atheists do is getting to be a large waste of time." -Tatarize

"Faith is a refusal to allow reality to interfere with the lies one tells onesself." -RH3

"Faith is curable. Get well soon." -AtheistKeith

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to a great gig as a right-wing editorialist." -DarkAngel

"Final notes: There is no god. The president is a douche. Everybody dies. Everybody rots."-Tatarize

"For any future discussion, I'm going to make a pre-emptive negative claim against anyone that thinks that my future thoughts and opinions are flawed. I said it first, so you are screwed, buddy." - DaBlue357

"For being a bunch of prudes, Christians breed like rabbits. And I swear it doesn't seem possible but there's only so much intellect between them and it gets thinner and thinner." - Tatarize

"For some reason, terrifying the British seems difficult. A lot of attempts have been made over the last hundred years or so, but Margaret Thatcher is the only one who succeeded." -RH3

"Forgive me. I need to do penance for all of the things I just thought of that I would like to do for penance." Abbeynormal

"Frankly, it's kinda sad to see such an intelligent, normally reasonable fellow's cognitive facilities brought so low by his subserviance to a religious meme, but it DOES help to illustrate the perniciousness of such memes, and I suppose for that I must thank you."-chip

"From my lengthy and involved experience with the christians, they actually don't read their bibles as much as they might claim. They do skip over the boring bits. They scratch their heads at the illogical bits. They ask their pastors to explain the unreasonable bits. Then the pastor will proclaim the doctrine that "explains" it all, and everybody goes home happy that all's well with the bible once again." -apostateofthelord

"From time to time I think about what I want to do with my life, and then I concentrate on doing those things. Sitting around complaining about how it sucks to have a serious illness isn't on my list. Nor is thinking about how lucky I am to be alive today on my list." Ericwoof

"Fundamentalists hang onto their beliefs by being steadfast to the whole Bible. Moderates hang on to theirs by reinventing it. I don't know who's beliefs I respect less." -Tayana42

"Given the fact that they had thousands of years in which most people were totally illiterate in order to get their darn story straight and get down a book that wasn't riddled with errors and plotholes, I'm not impressed." -Aino

"God allows evil to prevent more evil. You see, it's a trade off that an all-powerful god doesn't really have to make." Tatarize

"God created a pot that he KNEW - BEFORE he created it - was going to put a hole in itself. This is the pot's fault. God will now punish the pot unless the pot kisses God's ass. THAT is an accurate summation of Xianity." -chip

"God creates evil, and that is fair? God tempts Adam and Eve who don't know good from evil, and that is fair? God murders and tells his followers to murder, and that is fair? The only thing that keeps your god from being an absolute monster is the fact that it doesn't exist." -FrankDK

"God died for YOUR sins?? Wow, do all the other xians know that God's dead? I bet they'll be pissed off at YOU." -chip

"God doesn't want to be our bitch. He wants us to love him and find rewards in his love, not use him when we need money or a new car." -knud87

"God is the greatest abortionist of all since 80% of pregnancies are miscarried. Add in the number of pregnancies that result in fundamentalist Christians and you can see how very few conceptions end up with a functioning human being at all." -mrbehemoth

"God is unnecessary for cruelty. It helps, of course, but it is not necessary." -Grahor

"God must be a television writer. Rather than making something original, he simply recycled an old script and changed a few lines." -Flux

"God's momma is so fat, when she farts the universe is destroyed and reborn." -lahatte

"Good - sometimes people need a metaphorical smack upside the head. Sacred cows need kicking, and I, for one, am proud to be in the boot-fcuking brigade." -Flux

"Has it occurred to any of you that the very people who tell you abstinence is 100% effective are the only people in the world who don't really believe that?" -Tatarize

"Hateful people believe in a hateful God, loving people believe in a loving God, and so on. It's about what should be expected if all gods are figments of people's imaginations." -DougOfCal

"Have you ever entertained the idea that some people have not sought evidence for God because they find that everything they have casually heard about God is exceedingly preposterous?" -Citizen12

"He reminds me of a ratty, semi-deflated soccer ball... Fun to kick around for a while, but ultimately unsatisfying." -Ozy666

"Here's one I haven't been able to work into a discussion yet: "Whether they come from Red states or Blue states is immaterial. All creationists are in the State of Denial." -Seeker

"Here's your daily reminder that you have failed yet again to substantiate ANY of your claims made in this thread - you merely reiterate and repeat your assertions without ANY support whatsoever. Your pockets are empty; your hands wave feebly in the air, trying to distract your audience with pitifully inadequate attempts at sleight-of-hand. You're like the proverbial naked Emperor, strutting and preening through the streets while the people point and laugh at you." -chip

"Hey, I have two more cases of metastatic cancer and one more thing of pancreatic cancer. I actually like my odds." -Tatarize

"Hey, I trust in God... to always give justification to those that need divine excuses." -MaxHarper

"His arguments are so preposterously bad that I would not be surprised if they become living entities and come to knock him on the head." -Anduin

"Hmm... come to think of it, maybe that is why they have to use the adjective "Christian", in "Christian love", "Christian charity", "Christian kindness": because they don't amount to what any objective observer would call "love", "charity", or "kindness"." -AtheistKeith

"Hooza cwever wittle twoll? Hoozee, den? You are! Yes, you are!" -Flux

"How about a 30-year-old energetic Black Pope? I think a lot of people are tired of being told how to run their lives by old, old, white men." -AndrewF4

"How can a "movement" have no goal? It cannot. And what is the goal of atheism? Sleeping in on Saturdays and Sundays and saving your knees for gardening?" -Mo

"How could anything irrational be truly moral? Without a logical basis there can't be any right or wrong, good or evil." -gclason

"How profound. So we should believe in Christianity because, even though we have no idea what it means, we can be vaguely certain that it means something?" -Mrbehemoth

"Humans don't have a "god-shaped void". Humans have a void that seeks knowledge. You have invented a void-shaped god and you no longer desire to seek knowledge." -lahatte

"I am convinced that atheists and other free thinkers are not aware of the power of persuasion resident in a pulpit. We should not simply deride preachers as bizarre; they are powerful enemies of truth and rational thinking." -apostateofthelord

"I am currently reading about my tenth book in as many years on quantum physics for the layman. One day I hope to be able to explain to someone why nobody understands it, but first I have to misunderstand it properly myself." - David Fox

"I am not so impressed with myself that I should think myself to be so awesome that only a god could have made me. The flawed processes of nature are up to the challenge of making a flawed being such as me. For thinking this, Christians call me arrogant." -AtheistKeith

"I became a vociferous atheist about 10 seconds after I was told what religion was, and about eight seconds after I laughed." -Tatarize

"I believe Billy Graham is financing a new documentary series on famous atheists entitled "Atheists: Homicidal Satanists or Drug-addicted Paedophiles?" So it'll be looking at the issue from both sides." -mrbehemoth

"I bet you didn't know you could use your old wire hangers to dry your octopuses." -SnoopyLucy

"I came to realize that an appeal to faith could be used to justify anything at all. But, whatever can justify anything, actually justifies nothing. If you appeal to faith, you might as well say that you believe whatever you feel like believing. There is no difference." -DougofCal

"I can count the number of times I've doubted gravity on one hand... even if I worked in a wood shop and lost all my fingers." -Tatarize

"I can respect people's right to hold ridiculous beliefs. But respecting the beliefs? Absolutely not. I merely tolerate them, and in the interests of social grease, I try to keep my utter disrespect quiet." -Mo

"I can't answer for Chip, but name-calling always makes ME feel like a big man. Wanker." -mrbehemoth

"I can't even imagine some guy in the sky keeping track of everything I ever do in my life just to see if I'm good enough to hang out with him after I'm dead." -Teen meow (age 13)

"I can't even stand to go there. The only thing more annoying than the stupid things they post is the stupid things they must be thinking that they don't post." -dlove5duke

"I can't remember, are Mennonites the ones who hang down from the ceiling, or grow up from the floor?" -DeadWombat

"I cannot believe in a god that will not hold me responsible for my own sins, but that will hold me responsible for the sins of others." -Anduin

"I choose my enemies (and overall people I'm being an ass toward) with care, so that I could proudly say "never I conformed silently with the likes of them, their doings, ideas and ideals, but was an unrelenting ass toward them, and did all I could to improve the universe". -Grahor

"I could have worded the speech so it could be read in about 3 seconds: "The Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory that pisses off fundamentalist Christians." -Citizen12

"I do believe this nation is a great one, but I am not interested in calling down the ancient sky fathers of Mesopotamia to bolster our good fortune. The politican's right to believe in nonsense is balanced nicely by the voters' collective responsibility to elect rational agents into office." -CivilizeMe

"I do shave my head frequently, which is, in a sense, a denial of my male-pattern baldness because I'm hoping people will think I'm eccentric rather than over the hill." -Mrreindeer

"I don't accept that faith is an acceptable means of acquiring information. I don't believe in gods or the supernatural. I do believe that humanity is the source of all that is good and evil in this world, and I believe in working to make this world a heaven for all people to enjoy, not just those who know the secret password." -JAlanBrown

"I don't get it. The story says the statue has only one breast exposed but I see two giant boobs in that photo... oh, never mind, one of them's Ashcroft." -Mrreindeer

"I don't know about you, but I don't feel comfortable allowing the government to decide what kinds of indoctrination are harmful in a world where atheists are considered among the most immoral people in existence." -Rillion

"I don't know that nature "feels" anything. I just think if some insist on finding a reason in nature for homosexuality to exist, then that is one possible explanation. Of course, homosexuality is probably also nature's way of making the world more fabulous." -Boverbearing

"I don't know which is worse, postmodernism or Christian fundamentalism. They both have pretty nasty consequences for the intellect." -DougofCal

"I don't like Adventists. I would take ten Episcopalians over an Adventist. Second Advent indeed. End of the world my ass." - Tatarize

"I don't think creationists are trying to prove their point. I think they're just trying to silence the opposition. It's not about what is right, it's about who is right." -Kato

"I don't think there's even a shred of doubt that Saddam was considering initiating contemplation of thoughts of weapons-related program activity-associated discussions." -mrbehemoth

"I emailed the new Christianity-General moderator and asked to be gagged immediately just in case I post there by accident, because I had no desire to contribute anything to the site.. No reply yet." -DeadWombat

"I firmly believe that when a good HIV vaccine comes to market that there's going to be huge protests by the religious right." -Tatarize

"I found a neatly cut half of a sandwich in my couch cushions one time. The lettuce and pickles were all in place. I was living by myself at the time, and had no one to blame, but I couldn’t remember ever missing part of a sandwich." - Tayana

"I friggin' can't stand someone going on about being a persecuted christian when people don't hate them for being a christian, they hate them for being a flaming hemorrhoid." -NonProphet

"I have a friend who got pregnant by buying Barry White's old mattress at a garage sale." -mrbehemoth

"I have almost made it all the way through Duck Soup. The funniest part to me is how nobody seems to notice the Marx brothers are actually insane and treat them like they are legitimate members of society. Sort of like Kim Jong-Il." -snoopylucy

"I have an extensive collection of weird music. I would like to see a porn movie made to polka music." -SnoopyLucy

"I have been back before the Big Bang and discovered that FC was right: there WAS no Big Bang. This universe was started because the last one exploded when two men married each other." -MrBehemoth

"I have his posters all over my bedroom walls hes just the dreemiest, cutest boi EVER! once i went to one of his masses and i sware on my dogs life and you no how much i luv my dog, but neway i sware benedict looked STRAIGHT AT ME omg i nearly died he is so gorjus catholicism roxorz!!!!!!!!!!!!" -mrbehemoth

"I have maintained for a long time now that Bush could litter the whitehouse lawn with the discarded bodies of underage male crackwhores that he had used up and would still suffer ZERO political fallout." -chip

"I have no interest in writing down an inventory of everything I haven’t thought of." -Tayana

"I have struggled for years to work the phrase "jerk-off" into a post and have so far failed." -ptcarnahan

"I have to think the world would be a better place if competition for the Darwin Awards was not so intense." -Citizen12

"I heard a rumor that 2+2 equaled four. It turned out it was true, so all rumors are true." -Tatarize

"I hope I live to see the day when the Bible can be taught in public. In a mythology class, alongside Greek, Roman and Norse mythologies." -curtt

"I just can't wait for the Lord to reward my good Christian life by giving me a pitchfork to stick into you." -J316

"I knew a guy with a mohawk once - he had to sleep with it between album covers with bricks flattening it out. I was impressed at his dedication to his hairstyle. His hair was green, too. Now he just looks normal and walks dogs for a living."-SnoopyLucy

"I like Rammstein. I just don't understand how you think Norwegian black metal happens to be related to German industrial electronica." -DarkAngel

"I like this metaphor... it allows me to describe my previous relationships in terms of models of cars. I've dated a couple of SUV's in my time, a few econo-boxes, and one or two hybrids." -Rillion

"I measure success in life by the number and quality of the adventures. On my deathbed, it’s how I plan to keep score." -EasyD2

"I never exaggerate. Total accuracy or bald-faced lies, that's me." -mrbehemoth

"I never liked role-playing. I prefer mechanical, joyless sex in pitch blackness, preferably through a sheet as our Lord intended." -mrbehemoth

"I never really thought of myself as vitriolic, just really, really unpleasant to be around." -mrbehemoth

"I once considered blasphemy to be a most heinous act; nowadays, I consider blasphemy a form of poetry to be studied and mastered." -AtheistKeith

"I plead guilty as charged to being a cafeteria Christian. I'll have a generous portion of the abundant life and leave rebuke and scourging for you." -John76

"I prefer Benny Hill to Adam Sandler because Benny Hill is dead." -mrbehemoth

"I question a person's ability to "participate in another's suffering" without actually doing anything to help them. If that is compassion, then it is empty compassion....worthless and possibly even harmful. True compassion, to me, is the motivation plus action which is in keeping with the source of the motivation." -Rillion

"I really think very few people actually Really believe without evidence. They have their evidence. They rationalize some mental processes and derive their own evidence by referring to some past percieved experience. I'm not talking about the people that claim to be believers but never give it a thought. I mean the people that really pray and talk to their god and really believe. The passionate ones, I suppose." -lahatte

"I sometimes think every book has already been written, but every year a lot more are published, so I guess not." -SnoopyLucy

"I stopped googling my nickname when all that came up were some old posts on a serious porn forum." -Deadwombat

"I suppose it's only fair that American cigarettes get in to heaven, because their beer sure isn't going to." -Flux

"I tend to suspect that when people use the term "closed-minded" they are talking about those people who do not believe in something that they hold dear." -Anduin

"I think Creationists result from indoctrination and a lack of education in critical-thinking skills. I believe they are victims more than anything else. One has to consider that the thought processes encouraged by some types of theistic indoctrination have much greater deleterious effects on their lives than does a rejection of the theory of bio-evolution." -Citizen12

"I think it is funny that you assume that I am sane. Embrace the insanity. Hold it close and call it 'George'." -Deadwombat

"I think it's called ASCII art. I remember the first time I heard someone talking about ASCII. I thought they were saying "a$$ key". It had me completely baffled." -SnoopyLucy

"I think it's funny that so many arguments about the morality of homosexuality forget lesbians exist. It belies the fact that many people's objection to male homosexuality lies in a distorted view of gender roles and masculinity." -Glamrawk

"I think it's like a prayer cloth. You pin it to yourself to recieve god's blessing or protection and to gain his wisdom for whatever problem you are having. So you see, there is nothing superstitious about christianity." - Jenbo47

"I think one of the cruelest things that we can do to our fellow travelers is the false offering of love to them while taking away our respect for them and their own dignity. An example of that twisted ethic might be "Love the sinner, but hate the sin". -ptcarnahan

"I think one of the heights of conflict will be when the Texas Legislature starts burning Wiccans at the stake. I've already pre-ordered bleachers to be placed around the Texas border and will be selling popcorn. Someone should make some coinage off this and it might as well be me." -MartiniStraightUp

"I think the existence of morality is contingent only upon the existence of beings that conceive it... much like God." -Seth

"I think the whole world is at war with irrationality. The problem is that where the battle lines on everybody's maps seem to separate Christians from Muslims, the irrationals are the only ones fighting on either side."-Doug of Cal.

"I think they are all wrong. The nucleus is clearly held together by the brains of Young Earth Creationists which are very, very small and, although things gather around those brains, nothing ever penetrates them. They are perfect for holding nuclei together." -Atheist Keith

"I think you need to contemplate the fact that you are so extraordinarily stupid that expressing your ignorant views in public is an act of criminal negligence." -Mo

"I thought the main tenet of Western Buddhism is that the source of all suffering is varmints".- MrBehemoth

"I try not to think about the number of hours I spent walking up and down in the middle of the night, cuddling and singing (!) to RH4 in attempt to get him to sleep. Now it just requires 473 stories, a long discussion about the abilities of various robots, and a very large mallet." -RH3

"I understand the appeal of libertarianism and in a perfect world I'd be a libertarian, but so long as where you start life is the best predictor of where you'll end up in life, I just don't get it. If the playing field is so uneven and there are such vast differences in the opportunities people have based on the socio-economic status they're born into, it just seems like there must be a role for society as a whole to open opportunities for the disadvantaged." -Aino

"I walk on a track most days with a stick, and I always draw a little Happy Face with a "Hi!" next to it for whoever comes along later. Sometimes there will be a "Hi!" in response, sometimes it is untouched, but quite often it has been deliberately scuffed out. Once someone wrote a Bad Word. If I was a psychology major this would be my thesis." -SnoopyLucy

"I want to add one more now, too: 'Red Barchetta' by Rush. Not only is it a great driving song, but it's a song *about* driving; but not merely driving. No, it's about driving against The Man." -Beelzehost

"I want to get a t-shirt showing Che Guevara wearing a t-shirt with my face on it." -Mrreindeer

"I want to see the Sopranos and Deadwood without all the Goddamn cussing. I think it gives children a negative impression of mobsters and whoremongers." -Icky

"I was at a party a while back, and a woman asked me if I believed in original sin. I replied, "It depends. How original do you want to be?" -FrankDK

"I was going to write something rude, but then an uncharacteristic wave of compassion came over me and I thought "No, this one is a well-meaning simpleton. I'll let it pass." -RH3

"I was in Hollywood in '96 and saw a set of size 15 red high heeled strap up pumps in a transvestite supply shop. I nearly bought them, even though I am not gay, just so I could have them if I did turn gay, because I felt I would never get shoes like that again." -DeadWombat

"I was mired in rhetoric once. I had to call Roadside Semantics to get me out". -mrbehemoth

"I was thinking of working at this soup kitchen to earn some God points and weasel my way into Heaven, but then I recalled there wasn't any heaven so I started beating some homeless guys with a chair and blew my head off." -Tatarize

"I was told that some of the residents of New Orleans went ahead and staged a mini Southern Decadence party under a banner that said, "Hey, God, you missed a spot"." -glacson

"I was wondering earlier if it was possible for you to integrate new knowledge into your worldview. It appears that you are unable to do so. I wonder why you are unable? Do you have any insight to offer concerning your inability to learn?" -Chip

"I watched a bit of Survivor, but only because that was what the people who had control of the bong were watching." -xyz

"I went to a seminar at my lab on the topic of sparse network matricies and linear algebra. I thought it sounded like an exciting topic, but few people showed up". - Erikwoof

"I will admit that if God shows up at my door with a quarter pounder, I'm converting." -mrbehemoth

"I will follow wherever the evidence takes me. I just object to proceding in advance of the evidence." -Kate Towner

"I would suggest you try another method of avoiding insults, such as making an effort to not deserve them." -mrbehemoth

"I would tip my hat to you if I wore one or proclaim "Huzzah and kudoes!" loudly if I said stupid things blithely." -Ibn Tumart

"I wouldn't venture to say that there would be no wars or conflicts without religion. However, I think religion is a very common and easy excuse for hostilities and taking away one of the hooks on which the agressor can hang his hat might leave more room for the peacemakers' voices to be heard." -Fox

"I'd rather be among British people than with the finest people on earth." -SnoopyLucy

"I'd rather take comfort in the fact that, like me, other atheists typically believe that this life is all she wrote, that secular humanism is a superior philosophy to that of any religion, and that evolution satisfactorily explains the origin of life, with no need for the intervention of intelligent deities." -SmartFemale

"I'll concede that Catholic dogma has been adaptive in our co-evolution with various parasites. As to the evolutionary basis of religion, I prefer (ironically enough) the spandrel theory. But let's say religion has been adaptive in our social evolution - that is to say it's produced more people, not justice or happiness." -Adrian

"I'll deny all things supernatural except for baseball superstitions. That's how I fill my spiritual void. So I am absolutely certain there is no God, but if you mention that a pitcher is working on a no-hitter before the last pitch is thrown, you will jinx him and that's really a rotten thing to do." -Mrreindeer

"I'm a materialist. What cannot be measured or otherwise show evidence of existence may as well not exist, as it has no effect on that which does. If it did, that effect would be evidence." -Longstreet63

"I'm actually more inclined to eat octopus after finding out how smart they are, because I don't think we should give 'em an inch." -mrbehemoth

"I'm assuming that English is not your native language, so I'll eschew comment on your syntax." - FRANKDK

"I'm getting rather tired of Christian arm chair physicists waving their hands around in the air, muttering about the "mysteries of QM" and invoking a similar mystery for their god. If God were understood as well as quantum mechanics, we would have already miniaturized him and put him in a device to carry around on our wrists." -Ozy666

"I'm not judging you. I'm just telling you that God says you're going to hell". - chip

"I'm not prepared to be offended by anyone expressing their personal beliefs, even if they are government officials. They can say they believe in ghosts too, so long as I'm not required to do anything about it. Proclaiming false beliefs that have no consequence isn't rude, it's embarrassing." -Roylatham

"I'm really starting to wonder if you're a only an atheist because you fail to understand religion in the first place. I mean, it doesn't seem like you have the logical facilities to reason your way out." -Tatarize

"I'm sorry, but I can see absolutely no value in unprovable/unfalsifiable BS like solpisism or postmodernism. If YOU want to go around thinking that you might possibly be a small blue soapdish, be my guest. But please don't waste my time by trying to get me to join you."-chip

"I'm sure I must have said something interesting since I've been here. But at the moment I can't think what it was." Kate Towner

"I'm toying with the notion that God is a 400-pound yellow canary." -mymallandnew

"I'm with the others who say that atheism is a default status one acquires when theism fails us. We don't choose to become atheists, it is just a by-product of discovering that there aren't any gods." -AtheistKeith

"I've become convinced that the secret to such a near-utopia would be the universal recognition that all humans share a common bond of humanity that transcends more superficial cultural differences." -smartfemale

"I've been feeling a whole lot of that lately. It's gotten so that when it comes to engaging fundies, the shine ain't worth the spit." -chip

"I've had a can of Spam for months now! Really I do. I just haven't found the right moment to eat it yet." -MaxHarper

"If evolution has shown that many of our physical faults are the product of chance and are not reflective of our value as people, has it not elevated the moral condition of man? Does liberating ourselves from the stupid superstition that illness is proof of a lack of character not have great moral value?" -Aino

"If fear of punishment is the only restraint on your conduct, then you are morally deficient. You should study Confucianism, Stoicism, or Buddhism, instead of Christianity. They might develop a little moral sense in you." -RH3

"If God can do anything, can He make a copyright that He can't infringe?" - SnoopyLucy

"If God set up the natural order, and he is a moral agent, all the natural evil is his fault and is actually moral evil. There is no really popular justification for God's cruelty and those excuses which have been offered concentrate on the effects on the human race. Christian theologians seem not to care about the suffering of non-humans." -RH3

"If I want science I'll read science books. And if I want a badly hobbled together mish mash of the worst of the Jewish religion and various pagan traditions with some rather amusing erotic poetry here and there... I'll read the bible." -maxharper

"If I were a sadist I would advocate making illegal something totally innocuous, like... peanut butter, say, and see how long it takes before it becomes identified as a "dangerous element" that people deal on the streets for outrageous amounts of money and kill each other to get, and people start saying "You can't legalize peanut butter - look at all of the crime associated with it!"- Rillion

"If I were God, I'd ensure that everyone used the subjunctive." -Mo

"If it wasn't for people like you who think it's wrong, homosexuality wouldn't be any more awkward than being left-handed is." -LtPowers

"If it were true that God will punish me for not believing in him, I still wouldn't gamble on it because the very game itself is appalling. I would no more swear allegiance to such a God than I would swear allegiance to a dictator who promised my safety if I will help him exterminate his enemies." -JAlanBrown

"If language evolves, where are the transitional dictionaries?" -mrbehemoth

"If liking SpongeBob will make me gay, then so be it. Take me to Bikini Bottom and make me gay." -Beelzehost

"If someone makes stupid and idiotic statements, they deserve to be insulted. And degraded. (And vilified and laughed at). It's only right, and I do so believe in justice." -gclason

"If then, your method is a useful means of determining the truth, please tell me some great mystery that was solved by faith, sans evidence." -AtheistKeith

"If there is a dog poop - pornonography connection, I hope to go the grave without hearing about it." -SnoopyLucy

"If there were a God, George W. would vomit on someone important during the big G8 banquet." -Mrreindeer

"If we liked talking to angry people, we'd pray." -mrbehemoth

"If you end up saying "God has no objective purpose, God just IS" - and at some point in the concentric circles of meaning, you must then understand why atheists like myself say "Life has no objective purpose - life just IS." -Mo

"If you really think that your morals came from the bible, consider this - the morals you have and the morals from other Christians from other times and cultures are vastly different. I'm not talking about minor changes, but on important issues like women's rights, slavery, war, murder, child rearing and other primal issues. Differences of night and day. And they all had the same book that they claimed had their moral guidelines." -MaxHarper

"If you want to see out of control emotions from men, all you need do is attend a sporting event, a political contest, or a war." -Rillion

"If you want to think that a man lived in a whale or that Noah rounded up polar bears and penguins and Cocker Spaniels, that's your business, but do you really expect people to believe that stuff who aren't afraid not to?" -Crosshatch

"If you're talking about an omnipotent god who loves all of humanity and wants all of humanity to know that he loves them, just open your eyes to the world around you. The evidence of that god's nonexistence is everywhere, and it has been everywhere throughout all human history." - DougofCal

"If your God depends on the modern day version of belief in a flat earth, it's doomed. These are not the Dark Ages - at least for anyone who dares to think." -Mo

"In addition, the evil perpetrated by Abrahamic religions is such that once doubt about their god enters their brain, the good person, the ethical person, the kind, caring person is forced to see them as distasteful." -xolo

"In America we don't have any special beetles for our dung. Our dung just lays there without a beetle being interested in rolling it into a ball." -SnoopyLucy

"In fact, I think faith properly understood is a powerful argument for strong atheism with respect to the God of Christianity. I don't happen to believe in the existence of a God, but if there is a benevolent God who has escaped my notice, I have faith in Him not to do anything so unutterably stupid as send me important information concerning my salvation through an evangelical cult such as Christianity whose members are confused about the difference between faith in God and faith in Christians." -Keepwe

"In real life I don't often meet Christians, but I think that's not so much because I'm an atheist as it is because I live in England. We've pretty much been there, done it with the whole religion thing, and everything seemed to get better around the time the real nutters left on the Mayflower." -RevDave

"In the end, if the nation's integrity survives, this all might turn out to have been like getting a case of the measles. The disease hurt, but it is nice to have the antibodies it engendered." -Citizen12

"Interesting that several of us seem to approve of the idea of blowing people up. We just differ a bit about whom to blow up." -RH3

"It depends on what you mean by caring for number one. If you treat your fellow humans as if their concerns and feelings were of no importance to you, your life will suck." -DougofCal

"It does seem odd that people accept God but quibble over degrees of nonsense. It's like buying an imaginary car you'll never see, but debating endlessly what color is best and whether or not you paid enough." - Tatarize

"It has become apparent to me that people can believe that gods are real while knowing very nearly nothing. In fact, I have noticed that being in the state of knowing very nearly nothing seems to be fertile ground for belief in the existence of gods." -Citizen12

"It has been just as easy for bad actors to justify their actions by non-religious justifications as religious, and I cannot see that the wholesale adoption of atheism would change this." -Streiche

"It has occurred to me that religion and morality have as much to do with each other as vision and eye color." -JAlanBrown

"It is a sad thing that the idea of changing your position in the light of new evidence is so universally considered to be a bad thing and a sign of weakness." -Fluffy

"It is just the way I look at it. Faith is an affliction. I don't know why people go on about how awesome it is. It is just a cancerous version of trust. Trust can be good, but faith is diseased trust." -AtheistKeith

"It is true that, in many Latin American cultures, being handed a severed human arm is considered bad luck." -mrbehemoth

"It must be interesting to live in your head and experience the world as a series of talking points utterly unconnected by logic." - Keepwe

"It occurs to me that someone very cynical with little or no shame could make it very big in television." -Flux

"It seems that God only wants to save people who are prepared to believe things which appear to be nonsense. Why would a super intelligent God be so prejudiced against intelligent people?" -RH3

"It seems that the group that most eschews reason is the group that hates the most. It seems that it is reason, rather than religion, which most encourages people to follow the Golden Rule." -Citizen12

"It stops being amusing after a few years. Theists seem to be immune to logic. They try to use it for their own ends, but don't feel obligated to believe any valid conclusions drawn from such logic that they don't endorse." -Tatarize

"It would almost be worth the trouble of getting divorced and going to Canada just to get married by a gay Elvis." -RH3

"It's a joy to me as well. Talking about copulative verbs puts me in a state of conjugal bliss." -mrreindeer

"It's a little humbling to realize life on this planet is pretty much based on poop." -SnoopyLucy

"It's a pity that all those mental gymnastics you go through to arrive at your tortured 'conseptualizations' don't do anything to improve your mental fitness." -chip

"It's a slippery slope. One day we're banning good old fashioned funeral heckling, but then that leads to..what? No more dragging bloody corpses through the street?" -Beelzehost

"It's amazing how much this sounds like people of faith trying to explain how their faith is backed up by evidence." -dlove5duke

"It's an opinion I cannot help but hold. The second I read it at university my very being rebelled with intellectual revulsion at it. If Anselm's proof is actually a proof, then everything I know is wrong." -Mrbehemoth

"It's so sadly unsurprising that you see truth in astrology. You wouldn't recognise logic or critical thinking if it leapt down your throat and chewed on your appendix." -Mo

"It's the pope, it's terry schaivo, its Jerry, neck and neck in a race to the death, and wait, its Johnny cochrane up the outside in a surprise win!!" -DeadWombat

"Just legalise terrorism. Leave behind the stupid moral ditty. Everyone's doin' it. It's the in thing. Add public funding, better arms, bigger special effects, and once the fight goes out of everyone, we'll all go home. If there is one." -Nazrani

"Just remember that, most times, when someone talks about "truth," they're talking about the point where they decided to stop learning". -rplourde

"Kind of ironic, eh? You claim the book that calls you a liar is 100% true." -chip

"Learning morality from books makes as much sense as learning how to swim from them..." -DarkAngel

"Let me break the news to you: the old boy has been a corpse for ages, refrigerated or not. He was a corpse when he turned a blind eye to the systemic child abuse in his churches and when he turned a blind eye to the civil rights of gays. The only thing more frozen in time than his body was his vision." -reshuffle

"Like most people, Christians prefer being comfortable and secure to being correct. Their religion gives them that illusion, so they have little or no interest in finding what the truth is, nor in admitting uncomfortable truths when they encounter them." -AtheistKeith

"Logic will prevent you from stepping off that roof. Faith will encourage you to try. Which is of more benefit is obvious to anyone who is not stupified by faith." -Chip

"Look, things happen. You bring in the girls and the dogs for a few snapshots of naked arabs masturbating and all of a sudden people are talking torture." -Prismatic

"Man, now I want a super karate monkey death car." -Ibn Tumart

"Maybe a good answer to the "no atheists in foxholes" argument is "yeah, it's hard to have war without religion." -MrReindeer

"Maybe I should grab a hammer and smash away half my cerebral cortex. Then I might have a chance to find my way to the creationists' heaven." -Mo

"Me, a high priest? Well, maybe - if you left off the 'priest' part..." -chip

"Mind you, despite all attempts of my parents and society, I myself do not share the opinion that showing up at a job is beneficial for me. In fact, I think such behaviour is beneath me, so it's hard for me to be an advocate and propagandist of such a life style." -Grahor

"Mind you, despite all attempts of my parents and society, I, myself, do not share the opinion, that showing up at a job is benefitial for me. In fact, I think such behaviour is beneath me, so, it's hard for me to be an advocate and propagandist of such a life style." -Grahor

"Mind you, everyone has very different understanding of "greater good". And I wouldn't agree on your definition of "greater good" if it does not include me somewhere out there in a space yacht with my harem." -Grahor

"Moral actions and principles are not delegated. Moral actions and principles are those that respect the rights and freedoms of others, and of society in general. All morality stems from that, and that alone." -lahatte

"Most atheists do good, not because of some belief that a god will reward or punish us, but because by doing so, it strengthens our family, our community, our world - and that makes it a better place to live." -Readzalot1

"Most people shrink back from deep thinking. That's why they're referred to as 'the masses'." -Crosshatch

"Much as you want to think 'I don't know' is some sort of victory for your side, it isn't; it's just what science says before it goes and finds out." -longstreet

"Murder is when you enter someone's house with a weapon in your hands and kill the owner. Killing is when you first declare war, then enter someone's house with weapon in your hands and kill the owner... Huge difference, you know." -Grahor

"My body tends to run faster than my mind. I arrive everywhere early, but end up just making grunting noises." -mrbehemoth

"My official opinion was to declare you retarded. You can attempt to rectify the mistakes that lead to this conclusion or just have this conclusion reiterated." -Tatarize

"My primate ancestors evolved and all I got was this stupid tool using ability and gigantic brain." -Longstreet

"My statement was: why present the message, if it is so critical, in such a manner that could overshadow it? Would you want your local weather person to tell you that a really bad storm is coming in plain and simple language or in the form of a haiku or sonnet?" -SavannahKing

"My will is specific. I should be kept alive indefinitely while draining my family of all they have. There should be fifteen visits to the state court and ten to the federal courts. The Sureme court should view my still palpitating corpse. The arrival of Jesse Jackson in a stretch limo to rend his garments would also be a nice touch. In short, I want a three-ring circus." -mymallandnew

"No one deserves mercy. If you deserve it, it's not mercy." -mrbehemoth

"No wonder you spew words the way you do: You are so full of yourself you've triggered your gag reflex." -elmeraho

"No, but I have these smart pills you can buy. No, they are not rabbit poos, they are smart pills. Yeah, they taste like rabbit poos, but they are smart pills. Ok, they are rabbit poos, but see, you ony had to eat five to get smart enugh to realise that." DeadWombat

"No, first you have to believe that sins actually exist, then you have to hate yourself for even being born and therefore sinful, which then opens your brain up for indoctronation into a bizzare set of rituals and instructions that look suspiciously like a copy of the social rules of a nomadic agrarian tribe." -Fluffy

"No-one gets killed with Swiss Army Knives. By the time you have sorted out the blade from the magnifying glass, the bottle opener, the tweezers, and the thing for getting stones out of horses' hooves, your intended victim has run away." -RH3

"Nobody ever said making definitive judgments on the personal qualities of other human beings you don't really know was going to be easy." -mrbehemoth

"Not all "bad things" are born directly of the Books. But some indisputably are. Why ignore and rationalize and make excuses for them? Worst of all, why tolerate them in this day and age?" -JQHiggins

"Now I find it odd that you demand the impossible for that which you do not believe, yet for what you do believe you do so without a shred of evidence, reason or logic." -Eljay

"Now I have no direct knowledge of what the writer REALLY meant, but for 2000 years the church of God, the body of Christ, the congregation of the faithful, has interpreted these words to mean that if you don't kill heretics you become guilty of their sins. And they have done their killing secure in the knowledge that it was what God wanted." -gclason

"Now I sometimes think that after they burn me and hang my brother a black pall of ignorance and barbarism will fall over the world." - RH3

"Now if you ask me over a beer why I don't like catholicism in particular among other religions (none of which I like) I might say "Because catholicism can make an intelligent person act like an idiot." -Letxbex

"Now you might question why a self-admittedly not-so-intelligent person dares to call others stupid. Well, I do not need to be a hen to know when an egg is foul." -Empiricus

"Now, I understand that you cannot understand why anyone would be so altruistic without the threat of a god and eternal damnation hanging over them, but don't project your ethical deficiencies onto others." -Mo

"Obviously all the plumbing (in heaven) empties into hell. It just wouldn't be fundie paradise without being able to sh!t on someone." -Rev.PJ

"Of course. I rarely listen to anything else. Metallica, Anthrax, and Bach... the trinity, as far as I'm concerned." -mrbehemoth

"Oh my Cod, I can speak Greek! AEIOU AEIOU AEIOU!" -Deadwombat

"Oh, come on. What's wrong with poking fun at the Vatican and some good old-fashioned masturbation?" -Seeker

"Oh, I know there are plans to create God. I went to the townhall and saw the proposal drawings on display there. It was very nice. Too bad that the naming committee used all the budget." -SavannaKing

"Oh, no. Don't be looking to the real world for evidence of spiritual advancement. You have to look within. Everything you need to know about anything is right there. It's the only way to know nothing and yet claim ultimate intellectual superiority. Books are for standing on when you can't reach the top shelf." -Twsh

"Oh, so you don't care if innocent defenseless children are exposed to sex right smack bang in the middle of their exposure to violent crime and hard drug use? You monster." -mrbehemoth

"Oh, that's right, God is anything not fully defined. So God is undefinable... how do you know... because we defined it as anything we can't define. What if you finally define that? Well, then it wasn't God afterall." - Tatarize

"Oh, you've done a great job of spreading your message. What you have utterly failed to do is present one good reason why anyone should think the message originated with God." - DougofCal

"Once you accept that bible can contain errors, nothing stops god from being one of those errors." -Grahor

"Once you accept that homo sapiens is just one of millions of species on this planet that have co-evolved for millenia, these "mysteries" vanish. All that is left to determine are the mechanisms of their inter-relationships. And no, learning about such things does not make a rose smell less sweet." -Mo

"Once you accept that the bible can contain errors, nothing stops god from being one of those errors." -Grahor

"One can talk to atheists. Fundamentalists, regardless of stripe, are unreachable. They have god on their side, after all." - Marie(MarieSiduri)

"One might almost say that the dawning of a common, albeit not necessarily universal belief in a bunch of mumbo-jumbo is how civilizations are born." -AtheistKeith

"One of the worst things that I will say about people who are so mean, jerky, or otherwise really awful that I can't think of any other way to express my feelings about them is that I've added them to the list of people who make me wish I was still Christian so I could tell them to go to Hell and actually mean it." -Bascilla

"One school district was told to teach creation science, so they went to add it to their curriculum. They failed to find a single fact about creation science. Apparently half the time is to be spent teaching biology and the other half with their hands over their ears shouting "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala"." -Tatarize

"Open your video with some abstracted vaginal image, wrap youself in a rug from Pier One and you too can start your own religion!" -arjaypet

"Over the years many possible purposes for our existence have occurred to me. Trouble has been, I can never think of any good reason to believe that our existence has any purpose." -DougofCal

"Overall, I think "the authorities" would find me to be a nerd. Any agents of the government would probably just give me a wedgie and leave." -Flux

"People are gay. That alone is enough to make it "natural". I see little value in describing anything as more or less natural. Something may be more or less likely to occur in a given situation but that doesn't make it more or less natural." -rydhi

"People have wrapped themselves in consumer goods and infotainment and superficialities. The real world has started to intrude, and many people have no idea how to deal with it." -Mo

"People SHOULD ALWAYS be willing to be talked out of their beliefs; and if provided with objectively verifiable evidence that those beliefs are erroneous, they SHOULD be willing to abandon those beliefs." -chip

"Porn always tells it just like it is. And if your girlfriend comes home and catches you having sex with her sister, her immediate reaction will be to strip off her clothes and join in." -Rillion

"Reason cannot be cultured by withdrawing from the ideas of others. It must triumph." -Citizen12

"Reform and other liberal branches of Judaism know that there are female rabbis. Orthodox people know that there are not." -Reyzl(rgstern)

"Religion is a belief "system" like tossing a coin is a betting "system". -freeksngeeks

"Religion is an excuse for extremism and willful ignorance, not a basis for morals." -Kato84

"Religious skepticism is not a moral failing. You could argue, if you must, that it is an intellectual failing, and I have no problem with that. I have a serious problem, though, with people who think that only reprobates can disagree with them." -DougofCal

"Relying on the stupid people is basically playing to chance, which is obviously better odds than relying on the intelligent people when your case is crap. It is, however, a bad play if your case is solid. Simple game theory." -Darkangel

"Repeat after me, "I will not eat mushrooms that I find in the woods." - Rev. Conor

"Saying you're not planning on firing the first nuke is just reminding the other side that you can." -Mo

"Science has nothing to do with needing a belief. We don't pray to Newton that things keep falling (or to keep them from falling). There is no Altar of Mendeleev, no Mysteries of Einstein, no Gospels according to Darwin, no Temple to Pythagoras, etc." -Seeker

"Scientists are always coming up with their human explanations for the mysteries of God. The three phases of matter exist because there are three phases of God. God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. God is the solid ice. His commandments are inflexible. Jesus is the water, because his teaching had to flow out among mankind. The Holy Ghost is steam, because ghosts look like steam." -Citizen12

"Scratch a Fundie lightly and you'll find a nihilist." -Ozy666

"Self discovery, understanding who you (we) are, makes a lot more sense to me than trying to discover and understand an entity who seems rather bent on not revealing himself in any observable form." -Tayana42

"Should theists or atheists care if yet another symbol is defiled in protest, even if that symbol has no meaning to us? If the Koran or the Bible is just a bunch of words on pages, then does it not follow that the flag is just a colored cloth - both of which are probably made in Taiwan? Are any symbols sacred?" -mymallandnew

"Since the sarcasm part of my brain seems to be overdeveloped, I'm going to blame my poor social skills on the environment in general." -RH3

"Slavery has gone out of style in the West now and preachers have changed their tune accordingly. The Bible hasn't changed. It still authorizes slavery." -SusannahHB

"slowly, the churches have lost their hold on agriculture, on medicine, on taxes, on marriage, on everything. All it has left is the afterlife, and one day the last priest will prattle to the last worshipper, and it will be gone." -deadwombat

"So God isn't omnipotent after all. He seems to be quite a bungler. If a government contractor made a world and it came out the opposite of the way it was intended, the contractor would be fired. Time to fire your god and get a new one." -FrankDK

"So to you, a sign of love isn't, for instance, saying to the person you love, "I forgive your bad deeds, because I love you. It's OKay. A sign of love would be saying, "I love you, but because you did something wrong I have to kill you. But because I love you SO much, I'll kill someone else instead." - mrbehemoth

"So, what drives this atheist? All sorts of stuff. Love for my wife. An insatiable thirst for knowledge. A desire to live not extravagantly but comfortably. And perhaps to make the world a better place through contributing to the spread of reason, science and logic. These are MY purposes in life." -Dreamer-71

"So, what you're saying is, the real reason we have swear words and consider some words obscene is so that those of us who don't have Tourette's can have a greater appreciation for those who do? Works for me; afterall, who wants to be in some high society polite company situation and have to observe some twitchy bastard continually barking out the word "chair"? -Nota

"Some people call me Jesus, but only on my coke-donkey trips to Mexico." -mrbehemoth

"Sorry, I don't go in for this touchy-feely crap. You want to judge my beliefs, go ahead. I have nothing to be ashamed of as far as my beliefs go. Everyone is entitled to have their beliefs, but that does not mean they are entitled to be free from criticism of their beliefs." -Tony

"Speaking of abstinence, maybe we could ask all the Catholics to abstain from having any more kids. Just what the world needs: more papist- pap-regurgitating godnuts who think birth control is a sin in a world where 6 billion clueless breeding bipeds are chewing up the planet and spitting it out in each other's faces. I used to blame the priests, but, Hell, lots of them started as altar boys and they just sort of got sucked into it. I kid because I love." -Crosshatch

"Spontaneity is absolutely impossible without meticulous preparation." -mrbehemoth

"Stupid camping mistakes are evolution's way of weeding out the stupid campers." -Flux

"Teaching creationism as science would also be fun. Showing children how to apply scientific principles to problem solving is best done with familiar yet easily disposed of theories." -JK234

"Thank you for informing us that you do not let your admitted ignorance get in the way of forming your opinions. This admission allows those reading your posts to accord them all the value they deserve." -chip

"That's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Except in this case, the kettle is stainless steel, and the pot is a lonely black moron." -Psykomakia

"That's a terribly big word. If you have progressed far enough to use such big words, perhaps now you can go back and see if you're capable of reading that which exceeded your abilities earlier." -mrbehemoth

"That's all good and well, but I still say gay fruit flies should not be allowed to adopt maggots or lead Scout troops." -Mrreindeer

"That's my view on real life matters too. Don't ban books or ideas, ridicule them in the extreme. Do not allow them the way of darkness and subterfuge." - Simanos

"That's what I say. Based on average life expectancy and what I have read about the effects of global warming, I should die just about the time the water reaches my ankles." -Tony

"That's what so many of these apologists don't get. They go on and on trying to "prove" Josephus wrote the TF, or that Nazareth actually existed in the first century, or that Hitler wasn't a Christian or... As if, if we just got those details "right", we would have to be Christians. Interesting to cross swords over, sure. Totally irrelevant to the existence or non-existence of God." -SusannahHB

"The (putative) existence of a vague desire for some sort of relationship does not imply the existence of a being with whom to have that relationship, let alone one greater than ourselves." -RH3

"The assumption here appears to be that the many people in question opposed the Holocaust. What is the basis for the assumption? Without that assumption I think that something more opposite is likely true: The Holocaust happened because many strong-willed people overcame their natural sympathies for their fellows, sacrificed their civility, and did horrible things because they thought it was right." -BeelzehostAA

"The Baha'i faith is like different grade levels of a school, you progress through them all just to find out in the end that the school is not accredited." -Tatarize

"The best thing about plants is, when they die, they're already half-buried." -MrReindeer

"The best way to get rid of rabbits is to confuse them, and the best way to confuse them is to plant clumps of updock around the place." - RH3

"The bible cites cases of those who've seen God. The bible makes it clear that they did not see "spatio-temporal representations of God" - they saw God, Himself. The Male God, Jehovah - who cannot be seen. The omnipotent one who was helpless against iron chariots. The omniscient one who didn't know where Adam and Eve were hiding. The Very Embodiment of Truth, who lied to Adam and Eve. The Merciful God who turned an old lady into a pillar of salt for the high crime of taking one last look at the only home she'd ever known and was being forced to flee to escape His Holy Wrath. The Bringer of Peace, who demands that his followers bathe in Blood."-chip

"The body of Christ tastes a little better with the strawberry jam of Christ on it." -Eljay

"The Catholic traditions really helped me overcome it all, in the end. Because they are so uniform, and I am so bullheaded, it finally got to me that I was just following along like a sheep. Those same beliefs made me a raging bigot for a number of years, which I gradually overcame by realizing I was a douche." -djfoxwvqs

"The culture-dependency of near-death experiences told speak for themselves - appearances of angels or Mother Mary for the Xians, mythical beasts for the Hindu, boddhisatvas for the (Mahayana) Buddhists, and relief and darkness for the atheist." -Empiricus

"The danger is in embracing irrational beliefs by building an edifice of superstition on a foundation of ignorance." -Eljay

"The day someone becomes a Christian without ever having met a Christian, seen a church, or heard of the Bible, I might start thinking there's something to it. Same applies to all other religions, of course." -mrbehemoth

"The difference between science and religion: science re-interprets dogma in light of new data, religion re-interprets new data in light of dogma." -Zontor

"The easiest way to find a purpose in life is to buy one of the ready-made one-size-fits-all guaranteed-for-life purposes for sale by religious sects or political groups. Many people find these very satisfactory and have no need of anything else. More discriminating people look for tailor-made purposes cut to their life situation and their talents. These are generally of higher quality and more stylish. Best of all perhaps are those one-of-a-kind home-made self-designed purposes. They are the most individualistic, but they take a lot of time and effort." -Prismatic

"The fact that such uncertainty is not merely possible but intellectually justified suggests that Christianity is not the sort of thing we would expect from God." -RH3

"The fact that you cannot discern the sense of what I am saying is not necessarily an indication as to whether I am making any or not." -mrbehemoth

"The fear of punishment is what keeps the religion strong and influential over the simple minded people. Religion is a tool to control people and bend them, through fear, to the will of those in power." -lahatte

"The human experience transcends all culture. Culture is what your particular tribe does to deal with that experience. All humans are born, experience adolescence, mate, rear ungrateful children, experience illness and eventual death. Every culture has rituals and celebrations surrounding those experiences." -meow

"The I.D. group makes itself a laughing stock. Trouble is, not enough people get the joke." -Marie Siduri

"The idea that our species of primate - that's only been in existence for a couple of hundred thousand of the thirteen billion years or so since the formation of the universe - is so pivotal to the alleged creator of the cosmos that he's created billions of galaxies with billions of stars in each merely as wallpaper for our enjoyment is one of the least humble suppositions I've ever encountered." -Mo

"The idea that the J/C/I god made people so he could have love is like a teen girl having a baby for the same reason." -apmom1266

"The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task it has a rudimentary nervous system. When it finds its spot and takes root, it doesn't need its brain any more so it eats it. It's rather like getting tenure." -RH3

"The lyrics of Gilligan's Island aren't worthless. They teach us to avoid three hour tours, three hour tours." -Tatarize

"The Meaning of Life is to evolve to the point where the organism develops the cognitive capacity to ask the question "What is the Meaning of Life"? For non-sapient organisms, the Meaning of Life is to live a meaningless life." -Eljay

"The metaphor that I came up with for this is that religion (or at least the theology part) is like doodling sea-monsters in the blank spots on ancient maps. It's harmless fun as long as no one actually takes it seriously." -Keepwe

"The only place creationism (or creationist ideas) has in the classroom is as an example of how far people will go to defend a cherished idea in the face of the facts." - Fluffy666

"The only reason why you can't prove God's non-existence to a believer is because, by assuming the existence of the supernatural, he has rejected the only existing tool of provability - reason." -FirstCowboy

"The only time I wouldn't want to die is after saying "God if you exist, strike me dead!" Which I have done from time to time in religious arguments. I can easily come to terms with death, But whomever I would be arguing with at the time would take that as proof of God. That I wouldn't like And, being dead, I wouldn't be able to argue that my death was just very coincidental." -Tatarize

"The prime function of this forum is to give pedantic smart-asses like us a place to criticize the lower orders." -RH3

"The problem with moderate Christians (or moderate Muslims for that matter) is they seem to cut the fundamentalists of their own faith some slack, probably out of some feeling of brotherhood. It’s dangerous, in my opinion, because it quietly gives credibility to some fanatical beliefs which run contrary to the good of society." -Tayana42

"The problem with things having rational explanations is you have to be rational to find them. Without this prerequisite we get aliens, demons, gods and ghosts." -Tatarize

"The religious are humanity's ball-and-chain." -Citizen12

"The same nature that produces a beautiful butterfly also produces an ugly engorged deer tick. If beauty is evidence of a higher power, then ugliness surely must be counter evidence." -Ozy666

"The simplified theology of Protestant fundamentalism is just like American fast-food: pre-digested, not a lot to chew, lacking in nutrition, leaving you hungry for more, and of course, it's very, very bad for you." -Mo

"The theists (figuratively) shoot themselves in the head, never mind the foot, all the time. The trouble is, they don't feel any pain and compliment each other on the improved ventilation." - Powers

"The type of dancing I do (and places I hang in), if nobody gets a fist in the face by accident during the whole night then that means the band was boring." -DarkAngel

"The virtue of honesty is highly overrated in any discourse with a delusional person." -JQ HIGGINS

"The whole bible is stories, just ink on a page. If you choose to base your life on it and your arcane analysis of "holy" scripture, then I'll take the yellow pages. My local butcher actually has relevance to my life unlike the mythical figures of your fairy stories." -freeksngeeks

"There are too many dubious characters arriving in Australia these days. Anyway, seeing them swinging from the lamposts will encourage the rest of the populace to take education seriously." -RH3

"There is a lot of really good music in opera, but you can hardly hear it because of all the fat people screaming." - RH3

"There is a move to teach both creationism and evolution and to let the student decide. But no one wants to teach high schoolers tantric sex techniques and abstinence at the same time to let them decide." -MSiduri

"There is nothing good in blind belief. At least liberal christians are trying to create a more or less decent god, one you can show your neighbours without too much embarassment." -Grahor

"There is still a lot we don't know, but with a long history of man finding the answers to things that once were attributed to a god, it would be a safe bet that today's questions will one day be answered with rational explanations instead of theological ones." -apostateofthelord

"There may be some ultimate truths out there, but neither the theist nor the scientist can know what they are, although sometimes in our need to explain things we confuse what we believe with what we know, and at some higher level of obfuscation we confuse either what we believe or what we know with truth. Given our limitations, I even wonder if truth is relevant." -easyD2

"There was Dawson's Creek several years ago. Jen was an atheist. Nothing ever went right for her and she ended up dying of cancer." -Tatarize

"There you go again, putting the words "fundy" and "read" in the same sentence." -RH3

"There's a difference between an "argumentum ad hominem" and a simple insult. The former is a logical fallacy, the latter is often merely satisfying." -Ozy666

"There's a difference between having a "right" and doing the right thing. People have the right to be bigoted and discriminatory in many situations...that doesn't mean others shouldn't condemn them for it." -Ozy666

"These 'values' that are 'promoted' transcend christianity or any dogmatic literature. Sometimes the right thing to do is just the right thing to do. No dogma necessary." -lahatte

"They are right, I admit it. I really believe in god, but he just pisses me off so much, I've put him on Ignore til he starts behaving himself. Sort of a cosmic Time-Out." -Meow

"This forum is an ongoing work of art, reason, wisdom and civility, after all. To destroy its content would be akin to burning the Library of Alexandria!" -Mo

"This has been another installment of Logical Fallacy Theatre, brought to you by the Slippery Slope, the Argumentum ad Absurdum, and a grant from the Non Sequitur Foundation. Thank you, and good night. <cue theme music>" - Flux

"This is not the first time I have almost died by taking an antacid incorrectly." -Deadwombat

"This is the defense mechanism of your religious meme at work. Without it, you'd understand that the reason we don't see God is because ALL the objectively verifiable evidence suggests that no God exists. But since your religious meme 'wants' to protect and reproduce itself, you are forced by it to conclude that all the objectively verifiable evidence is wrong and that, instead, your subjective beliefs not only trump reality, but everyone else's beliefs too." -chip

"This whole thread has descended into pornographic pictures, discussions about sex, and plans to destroy the universe." -RH3

"'Time heals all wounds', but it also kills everybody. The suggested remedy is 100% fatal." -Tatarize

"To me, the moral simply is, If you don’t like these things, quit making war or stop acting like it’s all about bravery, patriotism, and heroism. War is about suffering, fear, greed, and the ultimate human degradation.” -EasyD2

"To search for and know the truth is the closest I get to what some may call a spiritual path. That's why I read and listen; I take language courses so I can read more and listen to more people. I travel and see as much of the world as possible. I do all this just for the joy of knowledge. Life is its own purpose. We don't have to hunt for a reason to justify our existence." -apostateofthelord

"To speak of faith, then, is to speak of nothing substantial. One who says "I believe because of faith" only says "I believe because I believe." Believers typically seem to mean nothing more, except for the few who will admit that for them, faith means never having to say you were wrong." -DougofCal

"Trying to prove god with the bible is like trying to prove Superman with a comic book." -Robgene

"Underneath this is a great fear of the doubt and skepticism that atheism represents: the denial of their cherished realities. They are afraid that if one person can doubt (after all the convincing evidence they have assembled), then there might be a crack in the foundation that will bring down the whole edifice."- Prismatic

"Usually its the theists who come here with room temperature IQs. Lately we've had some atheists who I wouldn't mind seeing acquire a god belief." -curtt

"We all have an invisible tattoo of a helicopter on our left butt cheek, which can only be seen using black light. So if you can get Simon Cowell naked in a dark room, you can find out for sure if he's an atheist without actually asking him." -Rillion

"We determine the true religion using guidelines laid down by the founder of one of them? That doesn't seem like kind of a rigged game to you?" -MrBehemoth

"We just get angry at the thought of non-atheists of a certain type entering our little atheist club. Like the white trash at the Balmy Beach Club taking umbrage at a brain-damaged orangutan stumbling into the dining room and vomiting in their soup." -mrbehemoth

"We make God in our own image. And I have just a big enough ego that I can be turned on by that. Especially since I don't look like a hippo/possum/snake/scooby-doo thing." -Saurian200

"We'd eat a vegetarian? I'm in! The irony would be... delicious." -Flux

"Well, I suppose we shouldn't expect more from people who trained from early childhood to ignore cognitive dissonance. "God loves all mankind and he sent a great flood to drown them." "Our god is a loving god, and he will send you to hell to suffer for all eternity if you don't believe it." -Citizen12

"Well, Lo, I don't loathe puns. It's just when SnoopyLucy gets on one of her tears she goes at it with all the fervor of an evangelist missionary who's trying to convert a bunch of naked pygmies." -ptcarnahan

"Well, since no theistic philosophy could ever possibly endorse naughty deeds, any naughty deeds are obviously the result of atheistic philosophy by definition." -mrbehemoth

"Well, that sucks. What's the point of being a physicist if you don't get to bash things into each other at near-light speeds?" - Seth

"Were I King of the World, I'd decree that churches must abide by truth-in-advertising laws. Given that I am not, I shall sit idly by, dismayed that the mind of the world has rarely had more than a nodding aquaintance with reason." - chip

"What I am getting at here is that you didn't choose a faith because some god told you to. No god has ever told anyone anything. You chose a faith because you have some need to hold some belief and christianity seems to have been convenient for you." -lahatte

"What I am saying is that despite the increasing opportunities to cry out loud that our political and religious leaders so "generously" provide for us, there remains enough wonder in the world that scepticism need never dampen one's ability to enjoy the truly sublime and beautiful." -Fox

"What if we don't want free will? God gives it to us anyway. By forcing us to have free will, isn't he taking our free will away from us? Therefore we have no free will. God needs a spanking." -Rev.Conor

"What planet did this guy stick his head up his ass on?" -Tony

"When I left the Catholic church I was determined to make my own life choices, not have them dictated for me. They weren't perfect. Some things worked out well, others didn't. But I wouldn't trade the freedom to make those choices for anything, even if I might have done some things differently." -SusanL12

"When life gives you lemons, smash the lemons with your heel, go eat a bunch of expensive candy and laugh at semi-literate creationists on this forum who try to "debunk" evolution." -AtheistKeith

"When we bomb a country back to the stone age, we aren't really in a position to complain when stone age ideologies emerge." -Mark Boyd

"When you make statements that are just opinions and expect them to be respected as facts, you're going to be very disappointed." -KayKay

"Where a bear of very little brain who can't tell a logical argument from a bowl of petunias notices only that whenever he argues he gets verbal abuse, which he takes to mean that he must be one of the persecuted righteous and so must be doing something right." -Keepwe

"While it is a lie, and I think lies are, as a rule, bad, the worst part of a lie is the disrepect it shows those you tell them to. If the disrespect is intended, then go for it." -vaxholm

"While oatmeal might help lower your cholesterol, I don't think I'd recommend allowing it to saturate your head any longer." -elmeraho

"Who won? The terrorists on both sides. In Lebanon, Hezbollah came out looking like protectors and rebuilders, while Israel comes across as the oppressor, targeting civilians. In Israel the warmongers came out looking strong, no-nonsense, you-hit-us-we-kill-you leaders. It's a victory for violence." - Aspie

"Wishful thinking does not constitute evidence. Faith does not constitute evidence. Irrational belief does not constitute evidence. Anecdote, hearsay, and rumor does not constitute evidence. Untenable authoritarian dogma does not constitute evidence. Lack of reason, damaged critical thinking, and lack of logic is not a substitute for evidence." -Eljay

"Yeah, at least sex, while observed from the outside, can make you laugh." -Grahor

"You are a breathtaking paragon of unintentional irony." -Ibn Tumart

"You cannot be offered your life in enchange for a choice and still call it free. The cosmic rapist cannot rape me and still say he loves me by offering me a choice, his way or hell." -Iconoclast

"You chicks always think we're being condescending. But we really just think you're doing a great job with all those big hard science words, and you look cute with a test tube." -mrbehemoth

"You know a stance is truly stupid when, to make fun of it, you need only quote it." -Atheist Keith

"You know I tried being original but I found there are already so many original people around here, I just became one of the crowd." -arjaypet

"You know, I was tempted to answer that, but that would propel my geekhood into the stratosphere so I'll just pretend I have no idea." -Ibn Tumart

"You know, they just don't make ape-shite netloonies like they used to." -Mo

"You may not be stupid, but you certainly do a flawless impersonation." -DeadWombat

"You must learn to express yourself in ways people can understand. It is essential for you to learn this so that you can earn a living when you flunk out of college." -freeksngeeks

"You need to learn the Way of the Wombat. Be cynical, be untrusting. You spend your life being pleasantly surprised or being proved correct. There is no downside." -DeadWombat

"You never see a weapon with a smiley face on it. There's a reason for that." -SnoopyLucy

"You want to relieve suffering? Take all the vast amounts of time, money, and resources that are wasted worshipping delusions, building expensive edifices to the glory of illusions, paying salaries for the shills of illusions, and providing expensive baubles for the purveyors of illusions and turn it to bettering the lot of mankind." -NonProphet

"You're probably familiar with the saying "Trying to get Atheists to agree is like trying to hurt cats. Although I don't know why anyone would want to hurt cats......well, besides the obvious." - nota

"You've made it waaay too complicated. Just don't seethe a goat in its mother's milk and you'll be fine. All that other stuff is out-of-date nonsense and allegory." -MrBunny2

"Your understanding is dictated by your dogma, not reality. The question of *how* to think with it is irrelevant. Faith is not a way of thinking. It is a way to avoid thinking." -DougofCal

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