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Who is this guy?

Skankpile is a Sugarland, TX resident who has been an Atheist since the 3rd grade, when he openly admitted there was no such thing as Santa, or God to the other unsuspecting surprised and gasping children. He has 2 children and is married to an understanding Catholic.

Later in his life, during his Pentecostal baptism under duress, when dunked in the water he came up and accidentally swore “God Damn” and broke out laughing uncontrollably at the irony and started singing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” in a barely audible voice to mask the situation. As it happened, this was the perfect cover-up as the assembled company mistook it for speaking tongues. The response was overwhelming joy from the parishioners and they all formed to congratulate him on receiving the Holy Ghost. His fiancé was at the back of the room shaking her head in dismay at the fact he actually pulled it of, but pleased her preacher would now marry them in the Catholic Church with his valid baptism certificate. It was the last time he stepped foot in that church

He has a degree in Business Analysis/CIS from Texas A&M University, with a slant of his undergraduate work in chemistry, business semantics, and computer programming. He is currently a SAP Enterprise Systems Architect, and a SAP NetWeaver certified architect at KBR in Houston, TX working in their SAP practice.

What the heck does Skankpile mean?

The user name Skankpile stems from the fact that it was entered at whim into yahoo as a name choice, and because of its availability over other meaningless names… it stuck. It really has no meaning to me except it was something that jumped into my head some 8 years ago; read into it what you will. Saying this, if you see the name skankpile elsewhere on the net its most likely me.

Why I’m Atheist

I have a love of understanding, and its application of casuistry has manifested itself in my strong Atheism towards religious reasoning.

I always doubted the existence of a divine creator, even from a young age, but it was not until I read the chapter “The Grand Inquisitor,” and the various sutras throughout Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s book The Brothers Kramazov that I developed an unquenchable thirst on the subject of religious thought. I guess it was an epiphany, or a serious paradigm shift, as before I was mostly agnostic on the subject.

Before this, I was somewhat a free thinker and was a fan of Ambrose Bierce, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and other eclectic writings like Letters From the Earth, by Mark Twain. I really loved reading on different points of view, but it all seemed to trend towards contemporary writings on religiously, logic, philosophy, and the practice of science throughout my college career; thus, here I am.

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