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Dillahunty International Studios is a recording studio in Austin, TX, where episodes of The Non-Prophets are recorded.


Located between 11th and 15th streets, and San Jacinto Blvd. and Lavaca St. in downtown Austin, the Dillahunty International Studios (DIH) is a campus of thirteen buildings housing audio and video recording studios, production and editing facilities, and the headquarters of the Dillahunty Media Group, the media arm of the EAC.

The complex also includes a vast underground network of communications, computers, holding cells, shark tanks, missile silos, and all of the infrastructure of a modern purely legitimate media empire with absolutely no plans to take over the world.


In 1933, working out of an abandoned speakeasy, Matt Dillahunty invented "pentatonic masking", a technique for adding post-hypnotic messages to sheet music, the precursor to today's backward-masking. By publishing illegal copies of the popular songs of the time with embedded hypnotic suggestions, Dillahunty was able to recruit minions to help him start the Austin Perfectly Legal Music Emporium.

During the Great Depression, the Perfectly Legal Music Emporium branched out into radio and became the Dillahunty Broadcasting Company. It established branch offices in over thirty cities chosen for their inherent godlessness, including New York, NY, Burbank, CA, and Salt Lake City, UTH. The technical side of the company was vastly improved by a collaboration with Thomas Edison, until he managed to fashion a telegraph voltage regulator into a crude lockpick and escape.

In the 1950s, the company, now renamed Dillahunty Records, forged alliances with the Soviet Union, China, Poland, France, and, by mistake, Liechtenstein. These alliances (except for the one with Liechtenstein) would prove crucial for creating a climate of fear and international mistrust during the Cold War years. Meanwhile, a side project, aimed at creating ungodly opening music for the company's radio shows, resulted in the accidental invention of rock 'n' roll.

In 1984, with deregulation in full swing, Dillahunty Records reorganized as the Dillahunty Media Group, bought an island in the Aleutian chain, and moved its headquarters there. A year later, it moved back to Austin, explaining that no one had realized how cold it was in Alaska.


  • The character of "Denis Loubet" served as a prototype for Max Headroom and several other computer-generated characters.
  • Many of the TV scenes of the faked moon landings were recorded in Austin. The Dillahunty Media Group is working with NASA on a faked mission to Mars. Faked missions to Europa, Pluto, and Alpha Centauri 7 are in pre-production.
  • The dialog for the Non-Prophets' "chat room" is generated by a networked array of 76 Commodore VIC-20s.
  • One of the most successful televangelists in the US is played by none other than Matt Dillahunty himself. However, he refuses to say which one.
  • What started out as the cafeteria of Dillahunty Records has now grown into a sprawling food cabal responsible for both the obesity epidemic in the United States, and an endless string of popular but ineffective diet plans.
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