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I use to be a born again Christian, but after receiving more pleasure from other to look deeper into my belief to bolster it, I found myself questioning the truth and validity of my belief.

I spent a lot of time researching and looking into the three monotheisms currently found in the world. I started asking questions like, why, how and really? (yes with a smirk, are you seriously believing this look).

Against the will of most theists, I started broadening my perspective, exposing myself to science and theories that were before deemed as evil. I took a great interest in books like the God delusion by Richard Dawkings and The truth about God (I can’t remember the author). This brought a new perspective to my life, a way of evaluating and thinking.

I stumbled upon a youtube channel hosted by Evid3nc3 (or something along those lines) and felt that I was able to relate to his story in many ways. Rather quickly my conversion took place and I found myself combating against organised religion and hypocrisy found within it, however small the battles were. Now I am an active atheist gaining knowledge in ways I never before could. Debates by Christopher Hitchens have become a great pass time for me along with debating theists forcing their beliefs on me.

This site is a great source of knowledge and I would like to form part of the it in any way I can.

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