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I am 25 years of age and finished my studies as an instrumentation technician june 2010. Currently employed as an automation technician at SAPower (Automation company in south africa)

I've recently become an atheist when my twin brother asked me why I am a christian. My answer to him was: "I was told to believe it..."

I remembered once I was little and in church, I read a few text in the bible which did not make sens or correlate to the loving god every one keeps telling me about.When I went to the clergyman and ask him about these texts, he replied that I should not ask these questions and believe like a child... I did this for 10 years until my brother asked me that question.

There are numerous people approaching me(I would never push my lack of faith on any one else, but everyone feel that they have to push their faith on to me)and telling me how wrong I am, and try to argue with me, I must say I enjoy it. Because I live in a country which is a christian country, and my family and friends are all Christians I debate allot about faith.

My aim would be to ask advice and post my previous debates on here to see the different approach most of the Christians(Protestants) take to defend the scriptures.

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