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I was raised Roman Catholic and was Catholic when I entered college. I decided to read the entire Bible after my freshman year in after having had many arguments in my dorm about religion. I wanted to be able to win arguments with Protestants and non-Christians when I returned to school in the fall. By the time I finished Revelations, I was an atheist. The shock to my intellect by the contradictions, the pro-murder and anti-gay edicts, the anti-women rants, the anti-semitic bias, the pro-slavery and pro-prostitution stances, the we're-nothing-but-sinners mentality and father-daughter incest promotion moved me from a blind believer to a rational atheist.

I found Unitarian-Universalism and Buddhism, I practice Buddhist meditation, but do not accept the parts of Buddhism that I cannot prove like rebirth and karma extending beyond this lifetime. I am a strong advocate of separation of church and state.

I have kept my atheism to myself, but because of your courageous expression and defense of it, I have been more vocal. I admit that I am still anxious admitting that I'm an atheist, but because of your defense, I feel much more comfortable.

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