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In my 50s so I have had a fair bit of time to think about religion. While I am not from a religious family, I did go to Sunday school for a few years. Even in my youth I had questions because I realized the whole god, heaven & hell, Jesus, Bible thing just did not add up. I was very agnostic. But that fear thing kept me from taking my beliefs too far. It did not take me long to understand what I think is the most amazing thing about religion; Why today do people still believe in this crap? My own brief answer is, in no particular order: 1 Fear, 2 Church Brainwashing, 3 Family/Peer pressure, 4 Ignorance. This easily allowed me to be atheist for the last 15 years or so. I was never a closet atheist but I was not very vocal about either. Then two things came to my attention just this year. First I started to understand how religion was not benign. It was having serious negative effects to all of mankind. Not just the obvious, the killing over religion that happens all over the world, but how political and science decisions are influenced by it. This led to my second wake-up call, I am not alone. I started to search the web looking for information about atheism and religion and I found tons of info, blogs, podcast, and people. Lots of people. This has made we want "Go tell it on the mountain". And my main focus today is on the children. I am doing what I can so the parents I know with young impressionable kids give their children the opportunity to choose their own beliefs. Let them know it is OK to question everything.

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