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Born into a Roman Catholic family. Just came out as an agnostic atheist at age 39. Was an eclectic hedonist during college with residual affection for Roman Catholic ritual - but got a lot of foundation in human biological origins, comparative religions, sociology during those years. Got deep into my religious roots in my twenties and had a massive conversion of sorts. Suffered from an obsessive fear of hell for years, then doubts really started to creep in. Almost became a monk. Dabbled in pantheistic Hindu based thinking toward the end and adapted it to the rituals of Roman Catholicism. Spent a lot of time watching Atheist Experience and talking to trusted friends about secular humanism, the Bible, politics, the dysfunctions of the Church and found I didn't believe the Christian world view anymore, in fact I was very skeptical of just about anything, but couldn't prove the non existence of God and just didn't have a belief anymore. Proudly chose to NOT baptize my daughter and go for "what the family just does" way of thinking by the way. It caused quite a stir in the family. Got another child on the way with my wife of three years.

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