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Website: Hello there. My name is Jess Mann, and I'm a professional freelance computer programmer. As it pertains to this site, I am an agnostic theist (though, unlike the presumption many would make, I do have very strong and valid reasons for my belief that have nothing to do with scripture). I am an avid supporter of the atheist community, I believe in both the fact and the theory of evolution, I am not a creationist by any other definition, I am a pacifist, and I am not politically affiliated in any way. Hopefully, that should cover most questions.

In addition to my time spent looking at resources in this community, I am happy to take on any programming, design, or other computer related work if I have the time. If you need a quote for some software, please send me an email at, or contact me at My Website above. In some cases, where the cause is something I strongly believe in, I am happy to contribute software for free.

In my spare time, I enjoy philosophy, math, theoretical physics, movies, fencing, Jiu Jitsu, and fixing up my house.

Thanks for reading! -Jess

I am an active member of:

  • Freelancers Union - a union for Freelancers, based in New York, NY, USA
  • LinkedIn - a professional networking site, which I've found to be enormously useful.
  • Twitter - good for keeping me organized and on-track, honestly.
  • My Blog - mostly oriented around more technical concepts, but also useful for links and resources
  • Stumbleupon - great for spending time, and exploring "the net".
  • Facebook - awesome for keeping in-touch with friends

Other pertinent resources I enjoy:

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