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Born in 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised as a Roma Catholic I was baptized and took the first communion (I was an vivid paricipant in the clases you have to take to be prepared to take the communion) attended a secular primary school but went to a religious secondary school were we had mandatory religion clases, there I started having problems mostly with the church but never really cuestioned God himself. After some thought I started labeling myself as an agnostic but not an atheist because I though that meant that you assured that god didnt exist, and honestly I though that was arrogant, since you cant prove it. This last year I discovered The Atheist Experience, and started listening the Non Prophets and the conversations held became some of the most interesting subjects I could debate.

I want to become part of the page to participate on the forums, since today I got an argument that I never heard before for the existence of god and I require help arguing against, I can positibly say that I will not contribute with the themes or do grammar checks, since I dont think I have the level or the languaje tools to do a good job.

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