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I am a male atheist, born in 1989. I was raised in the Jehovahs Witness religion. (Which could very well be considered a cult.)

I would consider myself a stong atheist in regard to the Bible god, and most other gods I'm familiar with. And of course a weak atheist in regard to all those other gods.

Favorite counter-apologetic methods

I like to be armed with short and to-the-point logical statements against the existence of god. Just enough to make them think, but obvious enough to avoid a full-fledged arguement.

I also like to use flaws in their beliefs about the Bible, like pointing out errors, inhumane laws, doctrinal differences, and scientific impossiblities. Because if they are not willing to change their mind about things in their own bible, then there's very little point in discussing anything else with them.


I'm a computer geek. I know HTML, Javascript, C++. (and binary just for the fun of it) I'm currently learning Perl. All of which are easier than English. I like video games, mostly Nintendo and Sony. Specifically adventure and strategy games, like Pikmin, Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy etc. I also like driving, whether it's a car, ATV, boat, whatever.

I have also recently become interested in 3D modelling, I'm new at it though.

I'd like a career in video game design.

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