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l1soul is the user ID for Edward McGann of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Raised in an Irish Catholic family I considered the priesthood in my youth. Before making such a step, of course, I reread the bible for information rather than inspiration. I was taken by surprise at its general horror and ineptitude. Almost every page clashed with my moral and rational belief system. Several years of self study in comparative religion lead me to a life long love of research and disdain for religion. If one wishes to split philosophical hairs I am an agnostic or 'soft atheist'. However, since agnosticism has a 'wishy-washy' connotation I've taken to calling myself an Atheist. It's a nice solid word that leaves little to quibble about.

I collect modern first edition/first printings. Rex Stout, Ursula K. Le Guin, Kurt Vonnegut, Bertrand Russell, and a single John Stewart Mill are the backbone of my collection, but I like to buy new authors as well. I've made no 'great discoveries', I even passed up on "Harry Potter" with a smirk, but I enjoy the thought that I am helping new artists achieve their dreams.

I don't smoke, I rarely drink to excess, I chase women but rarely catch them, and I think that the people who invented coffee and cherry cheese cake are as close to gods as we're ever going to see.

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