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About Me

My username means 'Come, sweet death' in German and is the Title of a piece of music written by JS Bach and also the title to a song written for the film 'End of Evangelion'. I picked it because of my belief that to die means to experience oblivion. Far from being worried by eternal death, I find the concept of death being the ultimate end to be VERY comforting when compared to claims of Heaven OR Hell. I ask, how can anybody be happy about Heaven, knowing that Hell exists and that people (no matter how evil) are suffering there? I would rather be utterly destroyed upon death, rather than suffer eternity either suffering, or knowing that my loved ones are suffering. In this way, death is kind of the ultimate escape from and end to suffering. That is not to say that I wish for it prematurely, but it is something that must be accepted as an eventuality for us all, and that it should be more comforting to believe in oblivion than an afterlife.

I am an Astrophysicist and obviously an atheist. My heroes are Richard Feynman, Paul Dirac, and Richard Dawkins. My areas of interest are CMB Anisotropy (My mentor is a member of the Planck mission), macroscopic structure in the observable universe, Magnetars and Active Galactic Nuclei. I am also interested in (but do not study per se) baryogenesis, dark matter and of course, the search for extrasolar planets.

I have a fairly wide knowledge of the sciences, and consider myself qualified to at least discuss theories that have more to do with chemistry and biology, as well as my home-turf of cosmology and astrophysics (and physics in general, such as some quantum theory, classical and non-classical thermodynamics, special and general relativity and standard statistics and dynamics) (sounds like a lot, but really that's fairly standard stuff, I just want to sound clever haha)

I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong or mistaken about something, so if I end up talking a load of shite, point it out to me.

Politically I am probably best described as Libertarian Left, with some provisos, such as the preservation of freedom above all else. To fully explain my political standing would be too long-winded and pointless, as it has no real bearing on my atheism per se, but often under girds my objections to common theistic conceptions of justice and morality.

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