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Jaban is an computer systems consultant and occasional software engineer from British Columbia, Canada.

I came across this website quite some time ago and it struck a chord with me, as my given name, Jaban, was derived from the name of the king of Hazor (called in the Bible the king of Canaan) who commanded the iron chariots.

I am an atheist and, in general, a skeptic of all things asserted by people who display an anti-scientific attitude, including supernatural, medical, social, and otherwise.


I speak English and only English, and as such I'm sure my pronunciation is incorrect given that it was a Hebrew name. But it's my name now, and I pronounce it "jay-bin", with the emphasis on "jay".

Copyright Release

All text contributions I make are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license.

All image contributions I may make are released into the public domain, and moral rights granted by the Canadian Copyright Act are hereby waived. Anyone and everyone is granted the right to use the works for any purpose, without condition or limitation.

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