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Hello there. I'm Isaac. Born and raised in a Protestant Christian home, only to disgard them at age 8. In retrospect, I was quite the wonder kid at an early age. I was smart enough to disgard my beliefs of God, and I was smart enough not to tell my parents, because I knew what would happen (Yelling, screaming, you know fundies). At 13 I left my home to go to boarding school, leaving my parents with the false notion that I was still a Christian.

There, I met some really great guys, and I could finally be openly atheist. I didn't stop there, I wanted to get to know some theists my age at this time, since I simply couldn't understand how people could possibly believe what they believe. I went to a youth-chritian-company known as "Exodus", and they arranged youth teams that would raise money, then go out to different countries, most commonly Romania and South Africa, and they would maintain housing, clean out spaces, help poor people, while spreading the word of God.

For reasons for what I'm still not entirely sure why, I signed up for a team going to Norway, to help out with a farm and help the people who own the farm maintain it because it would take them years to do it on their own. After months of fund rasing, and still curious why this team bought into this Christian view, we ventured into Norway in the summer of 2008. Norway is the most beatiful country I had ever seen, the landscape and people is, lack of a better phase, heaven-like. Anyway, we did what we did, and on the ride home, one of the members, who I grew more friendly to more than the others, told me that he "didn't see any Christ in me", and probably the others thought that too.

Still not sure at all why people can believe this delusion, I signed up again for Romania for the summer of '09 with the same Christian organistian. Haven't left just yet.

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