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I'm an agnostic, atheist, secular humanist, and computer programmer with a background in 2D computer graphics and artificial intelligence. I was brought up Roman Catholic, and for a while Methodist, but realized I couldn't justify my belief in religion at around age 12-13 when I was preparing for my confirmation at church. I also started out believing in ghosts, bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, alien visitations, and many other supernatural things. But the more I read about these subjects, the more I found rational explanations for what people think that they saw and flaws in their claims or arguments.

I was also an avid reader of science, so I found the errors of creationist claims especially egregious. I began debating against creationists at around age 15-16 on a local BBS, where I took the moniker of a Marvel Comics character, the High Evolutionary. Years later, when I joined the Internet revolution, I shortened that to HiEv.

Along with following various skeptical podcasts, I am a former moderator of the Skepticality podcast forums. I have also been a moderator at a certain game's wiki (under a different name), so I have experience with both forum moderation and wiki code.

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