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Gunther01 is an Aussie skeptic and Athiest, sometimes Anti-theist. He is also having the religion discussion with his freinds, and arguing with acquaintences. He argues with Christians as a public service, believing that his mind won't change, the other guys mind won't change, but anybody who listens might be able to make an informed decision.

He has a small, and relatively unsuccessful website for Teenaged Skeptics at


Way Back Then...

Gunther was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, to an atheist Mother and agnostic Father. They taught him how to think critically from a very early age, and never once taught him about any of the religions, except that they existed.

A bit later...

And so, from a very early age, Gunther was already a skeptic. When he came to high school in 2001, (and Anglican private school, despite the faithlessness of his parents), he came into contact with religion completely for the first time. All of a sudden you were going to hell if you looked at a woman with lust, or masturbated. Other students did not believe in evolution.

Thankfully, due to the mostly secular aspects of Australian Culture, science classrooms were still science classrooms, and science teachers where still scientists by profession. The only overtly Conservative influence came from the School's Christian Fellowship, lead by the head of Religios Education himself.

Religious Education

Despite the fact that the Head of R.E. was a conservative nutcase (who believed, among other things, that cancer was God's vengence for sin, untill his brother developed a tumor), other R.E. teachers were free to go about there ways, and do what most kids liked doing in R.E: watch movies based on the Old Testemant.

Not only where these movies often full of action, bad plot, and shadows of helicopters during establishing shots, they had almost no christian message whatsoever. The overall effect was that the students got to whatch a film every week, and not think about it.

When senior rolled around, Gunther was introduced to another R.E. teacher, an agnostic. Instead of making the students sit through boring talks about Jesus, Moses, and the commandments, he taught them about Ethics and Morality. Not only did he manage to do it without mentioning Jesus once, he did it by showing us entirely secular movies about Morality: Schindlers List, The Corporation, Wall Street, etc. These would often be accompanied by questionairs to see how well we'd been paying attention.

An Un-Conversion

The overall effect of the Christian High School was to fail to convert Gunther. He tried a couple of times to believe what the pastor was telling him, but in the end, after being given an innasailable wall of contradictions, vagaries, and Leviticus, he decided that it was all a load of Hogwash, Humbug, Bullshit, Woo-Woo, Anti-science... in a word, a religion.

Gunther is now at University, where he continues to fight the good fight with the Christian clubs there.

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