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My name is Bill and I'm an atheist. Since you're reading, then I'm sure you already know what that term means: it simply means that I don't believe in any deities. Why am I an atheist? Well after sincerely trying a number of different religions in my life (not just Christianity), I eventually came to the conclusion that the concept of deity is simply unnecessary and in fact counter-productive to understanding anything about life and the world around me.

I don't live in Chicago, but I enjoy watching episodes of The Atheist Experience on the web. I think I first heard of through somebody on Yahoo Answers. Their "Religion & spirituality section mainly consists of the same 10 questions posted every hour. But we've turned it into a fun drinking game: type *drink* every time you see a question that's already been posted thousands of times!

I've been in more than my fair share of debates with theists, both on-line and off-line. I've published atheism-related articles here and there since the 1990s. At this point, I can recite rebuttals in my sleep. I don't kid myself into thinking that monotheism is going to disappear any time soon, but I do believe in exposing bogus theistic arguments when I see them. So I'm here to both learn more and contribute what I can.

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