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I hail from a transitory religious background that transitioned into Atheism (later refined into secular humanism).
My mother insisted that I was raised exposed to catholicism but helped me develop rationally.  I started running with the 'wrong crowd' later in life and transitioned to a pentecostal church where speaking in tongues, rapture readiness and being baptized in the holy spirit were status quo.  
I joined the Army promptly following high school, adapted to life by shelving most of my christianity, and began exploring agnosticism in Iraq after being confronted with my mortality on a more regular basis.  Like many, my transition to atheism had already been complete before I was able to rationalize that it was so.  I simply needed time to adjust to the label thereafter.
I found myself ready to explore a new world that finally challenged me on a real and reasonable level rather than one that I had to jump back and forth between realities in.  No more referencing arbitrary advice from a mystery book.  No more having to fit the square peg of fundamentalist morality into the round hole of biological instinct and hard-wired rationality.
I couldn't be happier being around like-minded people.  I am highly compatible with those who wish to have a better grasp on reality, society and the species.  I hope that I can find the means to keep learning and growing exponentially so I can be a great contributor in the future.
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