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Evidelogiceason is the online name of a 21 year old Journalism student living in Maryland. He maintains a blog at *"" on which he writes columns about varying issues, primarily having to do with religion. He hopes to become a noted member of the skeptic and freethinking community.



Short Bio

On the ferry.

While having no reservations about calling himself an atheist, when asked how he descirbe himself and his beliefs he would prefer to call himself a PEARList which stands for Physical Evidence and Reasoned Logic. His explanation is that he would prefer to use a label that gives a person the most information about him. "Calling oneself an atheist tells a person your answer to a single question, giving them no insights as to why you are an atheist or what you DO believe in. By telling them you are a PEARList, you are telling them that you are an atheist, the main reason why, and giving them information about what you value and believe in. If someone asked me about my beliefs about God, I would answer atheist. But as a general term I use to describe myself, I much prefer PEARList."

In response to the argument that no one knows what PEARLism is, thereby rendering it useless due to the fact that you have to explain it every time you tell someone, Evidelogiceason says that considering the poor understanding of the word atheist, one has to explain this in detail as well. "If you are going to spend time explaining your label, it might as well be one that gives someone the most information. Plus, when you tell someone you're an atheist, their negative preconceptions are an obstacle to them listening or understanding, whereas with PEARL you are starting with pretty much a clean slate. I also like that the term implies that God is not a special disbelief of mine, he is just one of the many ridiculous things I do not believe in."

Evidelogiceason is a big fan of discussion and debating, seeing them as one of the best ways to learn, and on his blog states that "I don't want to use this blog as a stump, but rather as a gateway to discussion and a learning experience."

Most commonly used rebuttal

And what are you basing that on?

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