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I was born and raised in Maryland. My family is Lutheran I was raised Lutheran went to Sunday school etc. my father was Lutheran but fortunately for me he was very intelligent and encouraged a young inquisitive mind. at a young age I was interested in world cultures and ancient mythology. Realizing there were many religions in the world and also ancient religions no longer followed. I had revelation. Which religion is correct? How do I know the one I was taught is correct. Then it hit me they are all wrong and some day will be dead ancient mythology. By time I was 14 I was an atheist. I "came out" to my parents in not the best circumstances. They wanted me to go to church. I did want to, we argued. Then I said it, "i'm am atheist". My parents eventually accepted it. In maryland religion is a private thing. Most people do not push there religion or talk about it.

At age 39 I moved to texas. Wow what a difference. Thats when I became an active atheist. I live in a small east texas town. They don't like me here. I speak up if anything religious is introduced in the schools. My wife says, "i better watch myself one some zealot gonna shoot me"

Any love the atheist experience. Oneday I'm going to get out to austin to se it live.

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