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Egosintrick, AKA Joshua, was a candidate for the priesthood in the Roman Catholic church when he was twenty-two. Months before heading off to seminary, he reconsidered his beliefs in light of certain scandals within the church. The massive scandals that emerged a few years later convinced him that he had been right to leave the church. After moving to Austin, TX he became involved in a variety of different Christian sects, finding fault with each in turn. Rather than abandon Christianity entirely, he instead moved to New Mexico and joined a fundamentalist, "health and wealth" church. Employed by the church as a janitor, he took RHEMA Bible School's correspondence course in preparation for ordination. In studying the texts required for this course (consisting entirely of about five hundred dollars worth of books written by RHEMA founder Kenneth Hagin), he realized that Fundamentalism was just as dangerous as the other sects within Christianity. After further study, along with many visits to Iron Chariots, he finally became convinced that the entire Judeo-Christian religion was absurd.

Joshua now resides in Clovis, NM where he is a student working on his AAS in Computer Information Systems-Networking. He hopes to be able to make up for all the years he wasted studying Theology.

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