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Juan Pablo López
Eclectic is the online handle for Juan Pablo López, a young atheist from Santiago de Chile. He grew in a very artist-culture alike family, with no clear religion belief, but also with no agnostic or atheist claims either.

He was educated in catholic schools, being the most important the Instituto Miguel León Prado which awaken his curiousity about religion and beliefs.

During his childhood, he got involved in a Catholic church, getting even to do as an acolyte. Later, he joined a Krishna community for several years, becoming a vegetarian for over 5 years.

Later at University, his curiosity about religions and beliefs continue to growing bigger. At that time, considering his better capabilities for using reason and to question matters (you don't grow old in vane), he realized he didn't need any religions in his life, in particular after the 11S events occured, so he defined himself as an agnostic, later when he discovers The Atheist Experience show, he adds to his questions the belief in God, eventually becoming an atheist.

He's an Informatic and Computer Engineer from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile currently working as a Software Developer at a middle size IT company in Santiago de Chile. Huge music lover, plays drums and has been studying them at the Universidad de Chile for the las three years. Extremely geek, he can be found almost every time at his gtalk account

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