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I'm a Agnostic-Apatheistic Atheist, meaing I don't care if there is a god out there, I see that god can't be disproved or proved, but yet I still don't believe in one.

I try to stay out of worldly affairs, as they make our lives hell.

Why Atheism?

Atheists and Anger

Why Atheism

Ask The Atheists

Ten Main Reasons I Don't Believe In God

The Thinking Atheist

FAQ On Atheism

Reading the Bible (Or the Koran, Or the Torah) Will Make You an Atheist

God is Imaginary

American Atheists

Stuff on Atheism

Religon and IQ

Atheist's Quotes (1)

Atheist's Quotes (2)

Atheists of Silicon Valley

Arguments in Defense of Atheism and the Truth

Why Do People Believe Weird Things?

Atheist Eve

Shut up. That's why.

34 Unconvincing Arguments for God

No Beliefs

Holy Smoke!

Atheism Links

The Truth Saves

Church of Reality

Show Me The Money: Religion, Evidence, And The Parade Of Excuses


Evolution 101

Evolutionary biology

Evolution For Students

Human Evolution

Evolution: How it Happened and Why It Matters

No Answers In Genesis

Evolution Explianed

On the Origin of Species

The Pain -- When Will It End?

National Center for Science Education

Origins of New Genes and Pseudogenes

Evolutionary Biology Resources

The Untenability of Theistic Evolution

Abiogenesis- The Origin of Life

The Origin of Life

How Life Evolved: 10 Steps To The First Cells

The Universe

A Universe From Nothing

The Uncaused Beginning of the Universe

A Universe Not Made For Us.

Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing

Vacuum Flucuations


Why we laugh at Creationists

The Case Against Faith: A Critical Look at Lee Strobel's The Case for Faith

Refuting the Fine-Tuning Cosmological Argument for God

Kalam Cosmological Arguments

1st Foundational Falseood of Creationism

2nd Foundational Falseood of Creationism

List of Creationist's Claims

List of Creationist's Claims (2)

Problems with Creationism

The Million Dollar Supernatural Challenge

Why Creationism is not a Science

The Flat-Earth Bible

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