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Deimos Saturn is a male human in his early twenties born on Earth in the 1980's ACE. He is an artist, writer, philosopher, and eccentric. Most consider him a nice guy though he does have megalomaniac fantasies and is an uncompromising sort of personality who has been known to stop talking to someone he has known for years if he suddenly realizes that someone is a bad person in his eyes. His artwork focuses primarily on science and engineering and is mostly illustrative of a fictional time line of events that take place beyond the year 2020 to as far as 300 million years in the future. He accepts the label atheist though feels it is pragmatically inappropriate since he has yet been provided with a positive ontological description of a God so he doesn't know what he does not believe in. He is also a weak nihilist, an empiricist, determinist, active anti-theist, and transhumanist.


Early Life

Born in Brooklyn New York in the 1980's, Deimos went to public school in neighborhoods densely populated with Jews, Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Arabs, Saudis, and Eastern Europeans. Being of a mixed race himself it was not difficult for him to make friends in this melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. This upbringing resulted in a man who understands the differences between ethnicities but also the commonalities.

School Life

Deimos was held back in the third grade. Most of his school life from kindergarten to the end of middle school he was in a haze of following orders. The frustration of the monotony, the strangulation of his creativity, the tyrannical attitude of his teachers made him resent school and bred within him a deep seeded resentment of authority. There was also trouble will bullies and teasing. Never a delinquent but never a model student either, he mostly attended school for the social aspect, seeking a lot of praise from adults by demonstrating his artistic talent which was remarkably advanced for his age.

High School

Attended a high school geared towards the arts. Still able to make friends easily though refrained from many social interaction outside the boundaries of the school. Abstained from drug use, drinking, and partying, he was what some could consider an ideal teenager who just went to school and then straight home. Always in deep thought, he rediscovered many basic epistemological arguments about the nature of reality and at time seriously entertained the concept of trying to reach god-hood though an epiphany or superhuman status through contemplative meditation. You could not label him an atheist, agnostic, deist, theist, because if you asked him what he believed in, he would likely tell you that the universe didn't exist. He had many friends and a smaller number of very close friends of varying religious backgrounds whom he attempted to engage in discussion with about philosophy and the nature of reality and they all entertained him deeply in that regard, especially his stoner friends in the technical/stage department.


Deimos had 5 major crushes on girls through his life from 3rd grade to 12th grade. His taste in women are of the tom-boyish variety, perhaps an indication of latent homosexuality, tall, slim or sporty, rough, and never slutty or girly. Never asked a girl on a date until about the 10th grade and was rejected. The second girl he ever asked out was in the 11th grade and was accepted though no relationship ever formed. As it turns out, this second girl eventually came out as a homosexual and later a trans gender. In 12th grade, a girl asked him out but by this time was no longer interested in seeking a relationship any time in the near future. He did go out with her a few times but ended it before graduation. There were more girls who clearly showed interest in him throughout high school who he would definitely have considered attractive but was either too awkward to respond or simply ignored the obvious advances being made toward him because of a desire to remain single. In art college, he decided he would remain single until after graduation. He did become infatuated with one girl though when he pursued her he learned she was already in a relationship and instead just remained friends.

Art College

If you were to ask him today, he would tell you it was an enormous waste of money. He is extraordinarily talented and considers himself a genius in this regard but was only able to confirm this when seeing the work of his fellow pupils and the novice level of instruction given by all but 2 of his professors. There were more academic literature courses he was required to take but was so unenthusiastic he almost failed all of them. His history courses were easier but he had the most difficulty in his art history courses. It is entirely possible that Deimos Saturn suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, manic depression, anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, and various other kinds of neurosis or psychosis. In his third year of college, he was often so lethargic and unable to get regular sleep, because he was working part time in a fast food restaurant, he was absent at least 3 times in each of his classes save for 2. In one class, he was absent almost half of the semester but still managed to hand in all his work in time though only because the instructor gave very few assignments. One of his classes he stopped attending all together because he simply felt stupid. He had lost the reading agenda and was continually missing the necessary books, falling behind in reading, and was told point blank by the professor that he was failing miserably. At the end of the 3rd year, he did not sign up for the next year's classes and dropped out.

Living At Home

Back home with his parents after quitting school, he continued training and honing his skill on his own. Unable to find gainful employment, he is working as a freelance illustrator for several graphic design companies though could not possibly support himself, he simply supplements his parent's income.


By his mid twenties he hopes to be on his own supporting himself as an illustrator and wants to be active in his community and join an atheist group that participates in church/state separation activism.

Politics and Philosophy


All drugs should be decriminalized. All people in prison for non-violent drug offenses should be released. The United States should grow Cannabis and Hemp for use in textiles, food, fuel, and drugs but the growth of Poppy and Coca for opium and cocaine should be regulated as any other pharmaceutical.


Anyone over the age of 21 should be allowed to sell their bodies for sex in a licensed brothel that is regularly inspected by the health department to insure safety of the general population. Anyone 18 and older should be allowed to patron these brothels. It increases tourism and instead of being taxed heavily, the brothels can opt to donate money to the community for youth development, enrichment centers for the elderly, low cost baby sitting services, nursing homes, and hospitals.


Gambling should be legal but only games with at worst 20:1 odds, thus, lotteries will be made illegal but even if they were legal, they wouldn't be able to compete with casinos. Casinos will shrink from being huge hotels to tiny hole-in-the-wall establishments like corner grocery stores. Owners can opt to donate money to their community rather than pay taxes.


The FCC and MPAA should be abolished. Hardcore porn, violence, gore, cursing, racism, drug use, as long as it is fictional, should be allowed on television any time of the day. The age for viewing pornography should be lowered to 13 (though the minimum age for performers should remain 18).


America ought to simply try to mimic the methods and systems of education used Sweden. They have the most graduates, the highest rates of literacy, social stability and health, economic health, gender and race equality, and the lowest rates of violence, drug addiction, teen pregnancy, and abortion. It's an astoundingly peaceful, clean, happy, and healthy, and intelligent society.

Private Prison Industry

Since decriminalizing drugs has drastically reduced the prison population in America, obviously there is less money to be made from subsidies and prison labor since violent criminals tend to be more expensive to imprison and less likely to do honest work. Neurophysiological evaluations of violent criminals, as opposed to psychological evaluations, should be used determine the viability of releasing prisoners since psychiatry is not a science.

Gun Control

People are guaranteed the right to bare arms so that in the event that the government becomes too powerful, the populace can overthrow the government and re-establish the democratic republic as it should be based on the constitution. People ought to also have the right to carry hand guns concealed on their person in any public place.

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