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== Redlinks ==
The following pages are linked to as part of the normal [[Special:Allmessages|user interface]] of the wiki. They need to be created (I've started to do this) or redirected to other pages (or the corresponding MediaWiki page can be changed to point elsewhere):
* <s>[[Project:Administrators]] ([[MediaWiki:Blockedtext]])</s>
*: Sufficient for now.
* <s>[[Project:Copyrights]] ([[MediaWiki:Copyrightpage]])</s>
*: Sufficient for now.
* <s>[[Project:Help]] ([[MediaWiki:Newarticletext]])</s>
*: Redirected to [[Help:Contents]].
* <s>[[Project:Policy]] ([[MediaWiki:Blockiptext]], [[MediaWiki:Confirmdeletetext]])</s>
*: Created, but pathetic.
* <s>[[Project:Protected page]] ([[MediaWiki:Protect-text]], [[MediaWiki:Protectedtext]], [[MediaWiki:Protectlogtext]])</s>
*: Page begun.
* <s>[[Project:Protected page guidelines]] ([[MediaWiki:Protectedpagewarning]])</s>
*: Redirected to above page.
* <s>[[Project:Searching]] ([[MediaWiki:Searchresulttext]])</s>
*: Sufficient for now.
* <s>[[Help:Contents]] ([[MediaWiki:Sidebar]])</s>
*: Respectable beginning.
* <s>[[Help:Editing]] ([[MediaWiki:Edithelppage]])</s>
*: Created, but pathetic.
* <s>[[IP address]] ([[MediaWiki:Anontalkpagetext]] &mdash; in this case, I recommend that the MediaWiki page be changed)</s>
*: Done. Linked to Wikipedia article instead.
== Other issues ==
Other problems I've found (of varying degrees of importance):
* Why using <nowiki>[[internal links]]</nowiki> to bolden title words in first sentences of articles (see, e.g., [[Counter-apologetics]]) instead of <nowiki>'''triple-apostrophes'''</nowiki>?
* [[Special:Search/fubar|Search for "fubar"]] results in following statement (provided by [[MediaWiki:Nogomatch]]): ''There is no page titled ":fubar".'' (note placement of colon)
* Need to decide what to do with "Help" namespace (see [[Project talk:Namespaces]] to discuss).
=== Resolved ===
* <s>Is there an [ interwiki map] here? (e.g., how to link to Wikipedia without using "external link" style? <nowiki>[[w:]], [[wikipedia:]]</nowiki> don't work.)</s>
*: Begun at [[Project:Interwiki map]].
* <s>Apparently no "root" (top-most) category (suggest [[:Category:Browse]] or [[:Category:Browse categories]]?)</s>
*: I've created [[:Category:Browse categories]].
* <s>[[:Category:Biblical Criticism]] should be [[:Category:Biblical criticism]]</s>
*: Done.
* <s>[[:Category:Holy Books]] should be [[:Category:Holy books]]</s>
*: Done.
* <s>[[:Category:Iron Chariots]] might be better named [[:Category:Iron Chariots Wiki]]?</s>
*: I withdraw my suggestion. [[:Category:Iron Chariots]] is fine.
* <s>Why are sig timestamps in MST when server time is UTC according to [[Special:Preferences|Preferences]]?</s>
*: Now in CDT.
* <s>Would be nice to have redirects show up differently in the results of [[Special:Allpages]] and [[Special:Prefixindex]]. (Originally requested in [ Forums].)</s>
*: Done.
* <s>[[:Category:The Bible]] is the only category starting with "The" (maybe okay in this case)</s>
*: Okay, I've finally changed this; it was really annoying me....
* <s>[[The Firefighter (Way of the Master Episode)]] should probably be [[The Firefighter (Way of the Master episode)]], or maybe just [[The Firefighter (Way of the Master)]] (likewise on the other [[The Way of the Master]] episode pages)</s>
*: Changed.
* <s>Why both [[:Category:Atheists]] and [[:Category:Famous atheists]]?</s>
*: Removed latter category and moved articles/links to former.
== Pages in the Iron Chariots namespace ==
== Pages in the Iron Chariots namespace ==
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* [[You can't prove a negative]]
* [[You can't prove a negative]]
** [[Wikipedia:You can't prove a negative]]
** [[Wikipedia:You can't prove a negative]]
== Glossary of logic ==
Now making redirects and "topic pages" instead of putting these all on one page.
: <s>[[premise]]</s>
: <s>[[conclusion]]</s>
: [[infer]], <s>[[inference]]</s>
: [[deduce]], [[deduction]]
: <s>[[imply]]</s>, <s>[[implies]]</s>, <s>[[implication]]</s>
: [[implicit]], [[implied]]
: [[assume]], [[assumption]]
: [[assumed]], [[given]]
: [[reason]]
: [[prove]], [[proof]]
: [[follow]]
: [[contradiction]]
: [[contrapositive]]
: [[converse]]
: [[inverse]]
: <s>[[negation]]</s>
: <s>[[disjunction]]</s>
: <s>[[conjunction]]</s>
: <s>[[sound]]</s>, <s>[[soundness]]</s>
: <s>[[valid]]</s>, <s>[[validity]]</s>
: [[true]], [[truth]]
: <s>[[if]]</s>, <s>[[then]]</s>, <s>[[conditional]]</s>
: <s>[[if and only if]]</s>, <s>[[iff]]</s>, <s>[[necessary and sufficient]]</s>, <s>[[biconditional]]</s>
: [[term]]
: [[axiom]], [[postulate]]
: [[theorem]], <s>[[proposition]]</s>
: [[definition]]
: [[reasoning]], [[argumentation]], [[justification]]
: [[necessary]]
: [[sufficient]]

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Pages in the Iron Chariots namespace

Redirects in the Iron Chariots namespace


Categories related to the subject matter of the wiki

Alphabetical list


(rough hierarchy begun — working on this...)

Categories related to the wiki itself

Logical fallacies

Glossary of logic

Now making redirects and "topic pages" instead of putting these all on one page.

infer, inference
deduce, deduction
imply, implies, implication
implicit, implied
assume, assumption
assumed, given
prove, proof
sound, soundness
valid, validity
true, truth
if, then, conditional
if and only if, iff, necessary and sufficient, biconditional
axiom, postulate
theorem, proposition
reasoning, argumentation, justification
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