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i is be a atheist from good old germany. daskraut. das kraut. kraut - get it? sure you do! you bombed our butts to bedrock last century. btw: thanks for that, i'd hate living under a nazi world gouvernment!

i was built and born in '74 in the beautiful city of nürnberg. you'd call that nuremberg. no, it's not bavaria, it's frankonia. if you want to piss me off big time, just call me bavarian!

i graduated what we call "gymnasium" in 1995. in germany we call that level "abitur". my graduation courses were biology, english, protestant theology (yes, we have that in our schools!) and math. don't call me a genius tho, i scored c- on average. barely made it...

from 95 to 97 i got job training as an office guy. since then i worked as office guy, truck driver (the big ones with 42 tons), it-trainer, computer guy and nightguard.

i've been a christian for 18 years after i was prostitutelyzed (pun intended) by some other youths in the mid 90s. i've been a fundamentalist for the last 7 years of that. i went to a baptist church in southern germany - yes, we have that, too! - for the first 5 of those 7 years. during this time of maximum insanity i did a lot of damage by doing graphics, layout and webdesign work for a missionary and pastor, i also was the sound tech guy at the church i went to. i do sincerely apologize for that and i deeply regret it!

when i was disappointed by the church big time i moved away from that town, closer to my place of work which happened to be a christian juvenile detention center in free forms closely affiliated to pfi. i can't disclose any information on the facility so don't ask. i was their system admin, database dude, webmaster, helldesk guy and everything else computer. and the night guard. i do apologize for that, i sincerely do. mea maxima culpa!

after i moved away from that baptist church i continued to believe in god for 2 more years. i finally woke up in october 2009. no, i won't tell you what happened but i realized that there either is no god or he doesn't give a damn. in both cases: why should i bother? a year later i found the atheist experience and the non-prophets. i backwatched and -listened the entire archives. amazing! my favourite guys are jeff dee and ashley perrien. sorry, matt, but you come in third ;) my favourite girls on the shows are all of them girls. especially all of them! very. btw - i'm available, girls!

i currently am e-mail-debating my former pastor who moved to norway as a missionary. i'm going to share any significant analysiseses and rebuttals here on the wiki but since i'm a kraut my english isn't the best so by all means - feel free to polish them up, add more information, add more and better sources, edit them mercilessly and kick my big fat butt whenever i'm wrong. my first article is on Ezekiel's prophecy on Tyre.

my mob-farm currently produces circa 11,250 items / hour. not bad, mates, ey?

cya and buy daskraut

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