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I am an atheist, and am 16 years old - as of July 2010. Although i am an known as an atheist, i do prefer being considered a (Thunderf00t's classification), and I revel in bringing up Pastafarianism and FSM rejectionism when named as an atheist.

I have been somewhat studying Atheology and Counter-Apologetics for just less than half a year, again - as of July 2010, and I have never been beaten in an argument yet. I find the Atheist experience and numerous videos on Youtube such as Thunderf00t's and TheThinkingAtheist's ones as absolutely brilliant, I think i've seen just about all of TF's videos now, and a good 50 A.E shows. I would recommend watching 'Why do people laugh at creationists' on youtube and 'The Atheist Experience' anyday to anyone, they make for some good entertainment, and you learn stuff too!.

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