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I am a doctoral candidate studying plant ecology and evolutionary biology at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. I also received an M.S. in horticultural science at the same institution. I am currently researching the phylogeography (distribution of evolutionary lineages) of woody plants indigenous to eastern North America. Particularly, I am interested in the roles of glaciations and seed dispersal in generating the current steucture of North America's temperate forest communities. My other interests include philosophy of biology, science education, and science and religion in politics. For stress relief, I like to build or refinish furniture.

Politically, I am a moderate who eschews political labels on the basis that they are often divisive and encourage political groupthink and tribalism. If pressed, I would acknowledge being closer to the Democratic Party platform on social and fiscal issues. Unfortunately, neither party embraces science and reason to the degree I'd like to see. I was raised Catholic, but I now identify as an agnostic atheist. I would like to become more involved in the atheist movement online.

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