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Based in Auckland, New Zealand.

A Kiwi is a flightless bird only found in New Zealand, it is our official bird and a New Zealander is often referred to as a Kiwi.

New to Atheism, since 2007, took a long time.

Just starting to become active in promoting atheism. For this site I am reading the bible for the first time from cover to cover, even though I was a christian for most of my first 37 years.

I am not an expert, my background is in the study of history, so hopefully this will help.

My contribution will be pointing out weird stuff from different chapters and researching further.

The bible has been hacked to bits by everyone, no real need to do it again.

I know their are people way more familiar with the bible than I, with a bit of luck this will prompt them to jump in and correct me.

Note: I am taking quotes from the "American Standard Version" as this is in the public domain.

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