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Andy (Andrzej) Kudlicki.

Scientist. PhD in cosmology and several published papers in the field.

Currently active in genomics, gene transcription, DNA structure, evolutionary developmental biology, and related fields. Research/teaching faculty at UT Medical Branch.

Angry because someone cited and misquoted my work on evolution of yeast genome organization on this site:

To do list:

  • talk about additional points on TAG - topologies, Planck constant, etc.
  • formulate matrix argument on free will / evil / theodicy
  • proof of no soul (no-one has an immortal one) (infinity argument)
  • additional point on wristwatch (simplicity)
  • R+\{0} first cause
  • argument from degree -> write on non-transitive relations - rock paper scissors counter-argument
  • olive oil analogy (maybe)
  • positive argument from molecular clouds in galactic halos
  • "Have you seen the Big Bang?" -- I have!
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