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I am a 57 year old who has been an atheist as far back as i can remember (although my father still says I am doing it just to hurt him). I have never had the need to be "in the closet" and have no problems openly letting my views be known. I was raised Jewish, but always had a problem with the idea of a god that needed my worship. What kind of being who could create a universe needed me to worship it? Made no sense to me. Although I have been an atheist all my life, I only recently started looking into becoming active. With the rise of the religious right, I feel a need to counter their attack on my right to not have religion thrust upon me. I an a member of the FFRF, and have joined the secular coalition for America to start a state chapter here in Mass. I feel it's time to bring a little reality back to the masses. Thank you for your time.

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