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There Go the Dinosaurs is a tract written by the evangelist Jack Chick, concerning the fate of the dinosaurs and the fate of mankind if they do not accept Jesus Christ. It was released to the public in September, 2007.

Tract walk-through

The 'dragon' hunt

(Panel 1)

A closeup of a reptilian face displaying a look of horror.

  • Dinosaur (thinking): "Gasp... I think he saw me! I've got to hide!"

(Panel 2)

A 'dinosaur hunter' with a spear in his hand runs out of the forest towards two of his companions.

  • Dino hunter 1: "I saw one... I saw one... Everybody follow me!"
  • Dino hunter 2: "Grab your weapons!"

Comment: It is unclear, based on the clothing worn by the dinosaur hunters, exactly what time period the beginning of this comic is meant to be depicting. All appear to be wearing shoes, and some wear vests and peasant shirts and some sort of hat or head covering.

(Panel 3)

The dinosaur is shown climbing a mountain towards the clouds at the peak.

  • Dinosaur (thinking): "If I can get into the clouds, I'll be safe. I'm so tired, I have to rest."

(Panel 4)

Another dinosaur hunter points to large footprints on the ground.

  • Dino hunter 3: "I see her tracks... This way!"

(Panel 5)

Again we see the dinosaur, stopping just a few feet away from the protection of the cloud cover to deliver some exposition.

  • Dinosaur (thinking): "I can hear them... they're getting close! A few more feet and I'll be safe."

(Panel 6)

A close-up of the dinosaur's face, framed by clouds.

  • Dinosaur (thinking): "Thank goodness I'm in the clouds. Nobody can see me now."

(Panel 7)

A dinosaur hunter points off-panel at something he's spotted, while another looks on behind him. Judging from the axe and spear hoisted over their shoulders, we assume that there is a gang of more hunters behind them.

  • Dino hunter 3: "I think I see her."
  • Dino hunter 1: "Where?"
  • Dino hunter 3: "Look!"

(Panel 8) A wide shot of the dinosaur's body sticking out of the cloud - it has foolishly hidden only its head. A dino hunter stands behind it, brandishing a spear and shouting "HAW!"

Comment: Chick's attempt at humor. If this were a cartoon, this would probably be the part where you hear the muted trumpet go "WAAAAAH - waaaaaaahhh..."

Note also the use of "HAW!" for laughter here, which is a trademark of many Chick comics. In most cases, it's an expression of cruel laughter, such as that of a demon, criminal, evolutionist, or other classic bad guy.

(Panel 9) Dino hunters climb down the mountain in pairs, carrying large slabs of dinosaur meat lashed to poles. A child and his dog greet them as they pass.

  • Dino hunter 2: "Yummy dino-burgers tonight."
  • Child: "Yeah, my favorite!"
  • Dino hunter 1: "This will take us 36 trips."

Comment: Continuity error: Later panels in the comic claim that dinosaurs were called 'dragons' during this time period, and were not renamed 'dinosaurs' until 1841 - yet one of the hunters in this panel refers to the meat as 'dino-burgers.'

'Why is it so hard to find dragons anymore?'

(Panel 10)

A child and his grandfather are seated at a table. The child is holding what appears to be a shish-kebob.

  • Child: "Grandpa... why is it so hard to find dragons anymore?"
  • Grandfather: "They're a dying breed. Who knows? You may be eating the very last one!"

(Panel 11)

CAPTION: Where did the dinosaurs go?

An angry looking professor stands before a class, pointing to one of many dinosaur posters behind him.

  • Professor: "Millions of years ago... ...only the dinosaurs ruled the world."

(Panel 12)

The professor clutches his fist angrily.

  • Professor: "Do you know what killed them? A giant comet hit the earth!"
CAPTION: Is that how the dinosaurs died?

Comment: This is an example of the typical Chick professor caricature - balding and bespectacled, with a tweed jacket, bow tie, and bad attitude. The only thing missing this time are the patches on the elbows.

(Panel 13)

CAPTION: No! It's all a story told by people who don't trust God.

A scene of the Garden of Eden, with a faceless God standing before Adam, Eve, and several species of animals, including a large and small dinosaur.

CAPTION: And God should know. After all, He was there.

(Panel 14)

CAPTION: So what did God say happened?
God created man, animals, and plants - in the same week!* They were created, not evolved.

A scene of various species of animals, including an elephant, lion, zebra, peacock, and stegosaurus.

CAPTION: That includes the dinosaurs.
FOOTNOTE: See Genesis 1:1-2:3 Bible-icon.png

(Panel 15)

CAPTION: God said that only the fruit of one tree was off limits.

The forbidden tree of knowledge is shown, with a tiny Adam and Eve beneath it. On either side of the panel we see God's admonishing hand on the left, and a large, legged serpent on the right.

CAPTION: But Eve wanted to try it, and Satan saw her weakness. He pushed her, and Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Mankind was lost.*
FOOTNOTE: See Genesis 3 Bible-icon.png

Comment: It should be noted that the name Satan is never mentioned in chapter 3 of Genesis - or, for that matter, anywhere else in the entire book of Genesis. The tempter in the Adam and Eve story is always addressed as "the serpent."

(Panel 16)

CAPTION: God turned away from them. They were thrown out of the garden.

A caveman stands, arms akimbo and a large club in his right hand, over the bloody body of someone he has apparently just killed. From the captions, we are to assume that this is Cain, and the deceased is Abel.

CAPTION: Their firstborn killed his godly little brother.* From there, everything went down hill.
Look what happened next ->
FOOTNOTE: Genesis 4:1-16 Bible-icon.png

Comment: The resemblance between Cain and Fred Flintstone is uncanny.

It is never made clear in the Bible why Abel is considered more godly than Cain - or why Cain's offering of vegetables is less acceptable in God's eyes than Abel's animal sacrifice.

(Panel 17)

CAPTION: They rejected God and created their own gods. Before long, the whole world was filled with wickedness.

A statue of a reptilian monster stands on the left side of the panel with a burning brazier in his lap. On the right, a group of worshippers prepares to sacrifice a baby into the fire. It appears as if the baby's mother is in the panel as well, clutching at the child, but this isn't clear.

CAPTION: "Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." Genesis 6:5 Bible-icon.png

Comment: This panel seems to suggest that human sacrifice is a bad thing - and it unarguably is - but remember that God suggested it as a test to Abraham in Genesis 22:2-10 Bible-icon.png and even demands it of Jephthah in Judges 11:29-39 Bible-icon.png.

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