The first cause implies God exists

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Cosmological arguments conclude that a first cause created the universe. However, a further argument would be needed to demonstrate God exists. These arguments are notoriously weak but without it, the relevance of cosmological arguments is questionable. Cosmological arguments that have this weakness include:


The argument

The argument runs: [1]

  1. If something exists apart from the universe, it is God.
  2. From the cosmological argument, something apart from the universe created the universe.
  3. Therefore, God exists. (from 1 and 2)

Counter arguments

Unjustified premise: God is the only thing apart from the universe

Main Article: Which God?

"Therefore it is necessary to admit a first efficient cause, to which everyone gives the name of God."

Thomas Aquinas

The assumption that God is the only thing that could exist apart from the universe is an unsupported assumption. If apologists are content to label the entity that created the universe as "God", they have not shown it is anything like the God of their religion. If they assume these concepts is equivalent, they are equivocating their terminology.

Possibly some natural process caused the universe. Since this cannot be ruled out, apologists are using an argument from ignorance. Science often solves problems that were formally a mystery; the origin of the universe could be discovered in future. Therefore, the argument is also god of the gaps.

No one ever argued this

"This straw man argument has never been defended by any philosopher in the history of thought. [2]"

The argument is implicit any time an apologist makes the cosmological argument to demonstrate that God exists. It is usually stated informally by apologists because it is a weak argument.

If we, for the sake of argument, accept that "no one every defended this argument", then claiming the cosmological argument demonstrates God exists is a non sequitur.


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