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[ The Skeptic's Annotated Bible]
[ The Skeptic's Annotated Bible]
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[[Category: Atheist web sites|Skeptic's Annotated Bible, The]]

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The Skeptic's Annotated Bible includes the entire text of the King James Version of the Bible, but without the pro-Bible propaganda. Instead, passages are highlighted that are an embarrassment to the Bible-believer, and the parts of the Bible that are never read in any Church, Bible study group, or Sunday School class are emphasized. For it is these passages that test the claims of the Bible-believer. The contradictions and false prophecies show that the Bible is not inerrant; the cruelties, injustices, and insults to women, that it is neither good nor just.

The site only uses the King James Version which can be an issue for believers who prefer another version. However, while some of the commentary is specific to this version, most of the objections apply to nearly any version.

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