The God Who Wasn't There

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The God Who Wasn't There is a 2005 direct-to-DVD documentary written and directed by Brian Flemming. The film consists of interviews examining various aspects of Christianity, particularly with regard to the historicity of Jesus and Flemming's own deconversion. The film argues that Jesus Christ was a fictional character, and just one of many similar messianic figures in world mythology. This position, known as the Jesus myth hypothesis, is promoted by a minority of Biblical scholars, including Robert M. Price and Earl Doherty, both of whom are interviewed by Flemming.

The documentary has been criticized by both believers and nonbelievers.


Among the interviewees are:

The Blasphemy Challenge

Starting in 2006, the Rational Response Squad gave free copies of The God Who Wasn't There to the first 1,001 people to record videos on YouTube in which they denied the Holy Spirit. This, according to Mark 3:29 Bible-icon.png, is the only unforgivable sin.

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