The Case for a Creator

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Overall comments

All of the people Strobel interviews for this book are connected with the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture (CSC): William Lane Craig is a fellow at the CSC; Jonathan Wells, Guillermo Gonzales, Jay Richards, and Michael Behe are senior fellows; Stephen Meyer is program director for the CSC; Robin Collins has received support for his work from the CSC.

In addition, Phillip Johnson, whose work is often cited for support, holds the title of program advisor for the CSC.

Nonetheless, although both the Discovery Institute and its Center for Science and Culture are mentioned several times, neither one appears in the index. Other people and concepts (such as Strobel's wife) do, despite being mentioned only once.

Chapter 1: White-Coated Scientists Versus Black-Robed Preachers

Chapter 2: The Images of Evolution

Chapter 3: Doubts About Darwinism

An interview with Jonathan Wells

Chapter 4: Where Science Meets Faith

An interview with Stephen C. Meyer

Chapter 5: The Evidence of Cosmology: Beginning with a Bang

An interview with William Lane Craig

Chapter 6: The Evidence of Physics: The Cosmos on a Razor's Edge

An interview with Robin Collins

Chapter 7: The Evidence of Astronomy: The Privileged Planet

An interview with Guillermo Gonzales and Jay Wesley Richards

Chapter 8: The Evidence of Biochemistry: The Complexity of Molecular Machines

An interview with Michael Behe

Chapter 9: The Evidence of Biological Information: The Challenge of DNA and the Origin of Life

An interview with Stephen C. Meyer

Chapter 10: The Evidence of Consciousness: The Enigma of the Mind

An interview with J.P. Moreland

Chapter 11: The Cumulative Case for a Creator

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