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Initial setup

Missing Modules

Hmm, back to the drawing board. Seems this template requires allot of other modules Wikipedia has that Iron Chariots lacks.

I think it is important that this template is made to work so that the layout and navigation of Iron Chariots can be brought inline with the other wikis that people are used to using.

As i see it, there are two options. Try to copy all the necessary modules required from Wikipedia, or try to rebuild the template from scratch.

I'm inclined to go with the latter option as it will allow us to simplify the back end, as i'm sure that there are a multitude of additional options on the wikipedia version we will never need. However if this option is taken, i think it is important that the overall functionality of the I/O variables works the same for possible further integration later down the line. In other words, the hierarchical templates that reference this one should still work the same as their Wikimedia Group counterparts.

I'll continue to work on this, but if anyone wants to help out, drop me a message on my talk page.--Murphy 20:30, 14 December 2009 (CST)

So this is where the Navbox Template is up to at the moment.
The I/O functions work the same as those on wikipedia, so if later down the track we decide to copy and paste template functions strait from wikipedia, the sub templates that reference this one should be completely compatible.
I really hitting a brick wall here though. I can't see any way to have the navbox draw to the right size (that is to disregard the unused cell spaces at the bottem) without using the #if extensions which Iron Chariots doesn't have.
Also, if anyone has Java experience and would like to set up the show/hide button to collapse the navbox, this is little above my head. I never taught myself Java and i don't think i'd make a clean job of it. Anyway, i'll keep at it--Murphy 22:58, 16 December 2009 (CST)
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