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I've modified this template (and the only page that used it) to test out named parameters. I had run into a few problems with some of the early templates like Comment-box which I had originally fixed by creating new templates with modified margins. After some research and a bit of experimenting, I've come up with this solution, which allows you to pass a width parameter for the div. At first I used unnamed parameters with a default width value assigned, hoping that I could modify templates without changing the pages that use them, but I quickly discovered that this still required a minimal edit (adding an extra pipe character).

This current method is a bit more cumbersome (you'll have to specify the parameter and value you want to set), but allows for much more flexibility. I'll create, as soon as I can, a replacement for the comment-box template which will include the ability to pass parameters for width and color. By using named parameters with defaults the only change that will be required is to preface the current text parameter with the "text=" label. I'll go through and make the changes with search/replace - but things may be ugly for a little bit. -- Sans Deity 10:44, 24 August 2006 (MST)

Deleting this template - replaced with comment-box1
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