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See also Wiktionary's definition of:

This template may be used in any Iron Chariots article that would benefit from a prominent link to an ordinary dictionary definition of the article's title (or a closely related word or phrase). Note that cases where this is really necessary are likely to be rare.

Do not use this template if you wish to link a word or phrase in running text; for that, use a "Wiktionary:" interwiki link.

  1. {{wiktionary}} — use if the Wiktionary entry (i.e., page) matches our page title exactly, including capitalization
  2. {{wiktionary|entry}} — use if the Wiktionary entry differs from our page title (note: it usually will differ in capitalization)
  3. {{wiktionary|entry|Link text}} — use if you want to use link text that differs from both our article title and Wiktionary's entry name (this really shouldn't ever be necessary)
Example of third form
{{wiktionary|foo|bar}} creates the link: bar (which points to the page titled foo at Wiktionary)
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