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* [[Template:Tl]] — version that links the template name
* [[Template:Tl]] — version that links the template name
[[Category:Informational templates]]
[[Category:Wikicode templates]]

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This template simplifies the formatting of example template calls. Use Template:Tl if you want the template name to be linked to the page for the template itself.

This template should only be used in non-article pages such as Iron Chariots Wiki:Templates or Template:Delete, never in articles.


With one (required) parameter, this template provides the same simple functionality as Wikipedia:Template:Tl, but without the link and with the monospace font formatting of Wikipedia:Template:Tlx:

  • {{t|wikipedia}}{{wikipedia}}

With more than one parameter (up to five, total), it works basically like Wikipedia:Template:Tlx, except, again, without the link and without the sister-project or language features (see that template for details):

  • {{t|wikipedia|Article title}}{{wikipedia|Article title}}
  • {{t|wikipedia|Article title|Display title}}{{wikipedia|Article title|Display title}}
  • {{t|wikipedia|List of apologetic works|Apologetic works}}{{wikipedia|List of apologetic works|Apologetic works}}

Note that the name "t" is short for "template".

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