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For help with this topic, please see:
WikimediaMeta:Template:See help

This template may be used on any "help" page on this wiki to link to a more developed help page on Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki, or possibly on another wiki.
  1. {{see help}} — use if Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki has a help page (or redirect) with the exact same title (including namespace)
  2. {{see help|project:namespace:title}} — if another wiki (say, Wikipedia) has a more relevant help page, or if the namespace or page title differs from ours
  3. {{see help|project:namespace:title|project:namespace:title}} — as above, but for linking to two different help pages at once
In the second and third forms, project must be a valid interwiki link and namespace:title should form the full page title at that wiki; namespace can be left off in the unlikely event that the target page is in the remote wiki's main (article) namespace.
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