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The documentation for this template is transcluded from Template:Lt/doc. Please edit that page if you want to change something in the documentation. Do not edit this page unless you know what you're doing.
This template, which generates a less-than symbol (<), should only be used in cases where that character would be mistakenly interpreted as an element of wiki syntax (see below).
(to come)
This character can also be coded as either of the HTML entities &lt; or &#60;, which should take care of most cases where an ambiguity exists.
Needed or not?
The main motivation for having a template like this comes from Wikipedia, where bots sometimes replace character entities with the raw characters they represent; hence, it makes sense to have templates that generate the characters since these will not be changed by bots (unless the template has been deprecated and all instances of it are being removed). Anyway, this shouldn't be a problem on this wiki because we have no bots. Still... well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. <g>
See also
  • Template:Gt — for the corresponding greater-than symbol
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